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MPDBA 201: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 5 X 3 =15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – I 1. Write a comparative note on ‘Accounting Standards’ and ‘Accounting conventions’ and ‘Accounting Concepts’. 2. Explain cash flow and funds flow analysis with suitable example from an existing corporate entity for at least three years i.e., 2008, 2009, 2010. 3. Explain the role of ICAI in preparation of various Accounting Standards. List out various standards pronounced by ICAI, New Delhi. 4. Prepare format of ‘Profit and Loss account’ and ‘Balance Sheet’ as per recent guidelines of companies act. 5. Define ‘Marginal Costing’ and distinguish between ‘Marginal costing’ and ‘Absorption costing.’ 5 X 3 =15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – I 6. A proforma cost sheet of a company provides the following particulars : Elements of Cost Material 40% Direct Labour 20% Overheads 20% The following further particulars are available: (a). It is proposed to maintain a level of activity of 2,00,000 units. (b).Selling price is Rs.12 per unit (c) Raw materials are expected to remain in stores for an average period of one month MBA GEN – Second Year – 2011‐12 Batch   1 

(d) Materials will be in process, on averages half a month. (e) Finished goods are required to be in stock for an average period of one month. (f) Credit allowed to debtors is two months. (g) Credit allowed by suppliers is one month. You may assume that sales and production follow a consistent pattern. You are required to prepare a statement of working capital requirements, a forecast Profit and loss account and Balance Sheet of the company assuming that Rs. Share capital 15,00,000 8% Debentures 2,00,000 Fixed Assets 13,00,000 7. From the following particulars prepare cost sheet and show what the amount of the quotation would be if 20% on selling price. Rs. Stock of finished goods at the beginning 70,000 Stock of raw materials at the beginning 30,000 Purchase and raw materials 7,50,000 Productive wages 5,20,000 Sales 15,50,000 Stock of finished goods at the end 80,000 Stock of raw materials at the end 30,000 Works overhead charge 1,30,000 Office overheads 70,000 The company is intending to send a quotation for a large plant. The estimated material cost is Rs.50,000, wages Rs.30,000. 8. Explain the following pertaining to receivable management : a) Credit granting policy, b)Credit analysis, c)Credit terms and d) Collection policy 9. List out different functional budgets. Discuss the preparation of any of the functional budgets with an example. MBA GEN – Second Year – 2011‐12 Batch   2 

10. 5. At the end of the year the balances in various accounts of Mahaveer limited are as follows : Account Balance (Rs. In lakhs)

Equity capital 90 Preference capital 20 Fixed assets (net) 50 Reserves and Surplus 50 Cash and bank 20 Debentures (Secured) 60 Marketable Securities 10 Term loans (secured) 70 Receivables 70 Short-term bank borrowing (unsecured) 40 Inventories 110 Trade creditors 30 Provisions 10 Pre-paid expenses 10 Classify the accounts into assets and liabilities. Prepare the balance sheet of Mahaveer Limited as per the format specified by the Company Act. MPDBA-202: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 5 X 3 =15 Marks ASSIGNMENT – I 1. Discuss the role of operations manager in an organization. 2. What is an operations system? Explain the process of operations system. 3. What are the different types of Layouts? Explain and how should an organization decide on which layout to choose? 4. Design an assembly line for a cycle time of 10 minutes for the following 10 work elements Elements 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Predecessor - 1 1 2,3 4 4 6 5 7,8 9 MBA GEN – Second Year – 2011‐12 Batch   3 

Duration 5 10 5 2 7 5 10 2 5 2 (minutes) Calculate the line efficiency,...
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