Mba 3rd Sem

Topics: International trade, Supply chain management, Marketing Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Semester IV

Retail Supply Chain Management
Paper code: FMRM403
Block: 1
1. Introduction to Retail Supply chain, Supply Chain and Logistics, Elements of Supply Chain and Elements of Logistics, Retail Logistics and Retail Supply Chain, Elements of Retail Supply Chain 2. Category Management: Introduction, Category Management Process, Components of Category Management, Challenges in Category Management 3. Merchandising, Types of Merchandise, Merchandise Hierarchy, Merchandise Forecasting & Forecasting methods, Merchandise Budgeting, Open to Buy Control 4. Assortment Management: Introduction, Assortment Management Framework, Assortment Objectives, Selection, Assortment Plan, Store Clustering

Block: 2

1. Retail Pricing, Retail Pricing challenges, Retail Pricing Life Cycle 2. Managing Retail Promotions, Objectives for Retail Promotion, Managing Retail Markdowns, Promotion Management Maturity Model 3. Retail Product Lifecycle Management: Product Design, Private Labels, IT for Retail Product Lifecycle Management, Retail Packaging, Shelf Ready Packaging, Green Design and Packaging 4. Retail Distribution, Retail Replenishment, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Managing Retail Home Delivery, Measures for Retail Distribution and Replenishment

Block: 3
1. Retail Logistics: Retail Transport – Roadways and Railways, Retail Warehousing, Managing Retail Shrinkage 2. Managing Logistics Service Provider, Managing Logistics Visibility and Exceptions 3. Retail Supplier relationship management: Retail Sourcing, Merchandise Procurement, Global Sourcing 4. Retail Customer Relationship Management: Introduction, Customer service, order management, Multi-channel retailing, Retail return & Reverse Logistics, Retail Loyalty Programmes

Block: 4
1. Apparel and Footwear: Understanding the segment, Supply Chain Characteristics, Pre pack planning, Apparel Retailing in India, Apparel Retail Supply Chain...
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