Maxisms for the Catcher in the Rye

Topics: Tell, Sadness Pages: 4 (927 words) Published: July 3, 2012
Cesar Otamendi

The Catcher in the Rye Maxims
-Chapter 1
M: “It’s important to say goodbye.”
CD: Holden is leaving Pency and remembers chucking a football around with some guys. The memory makes him feel better about being kicked out.

-Chapter 2
M: “Life is a game.”
CD: Holden is talking to Spencer, who tells him that life is a game and that you need to follow the rules in order to succeed in it.

-Chapter 3
M: “Everyone has at least one good quality.”
CD: When Holden is speaking with Ackley, he mentions that although Stradlater is cocky and conceited, he is very generous.

-Chapter 4
M: “People use excuses to make up for their flaws.”
CD: Stradlater asked Holden to write a composition for him because he said he was lousy at writing. Stradlater wanted you to think that the only reason he was lousy at writing compositions was because he stuck all the commas in the wrong place.

-Chapter 5
M: “People never believe anyone.”
CD: The bus driver would not let Holden board the bus with a snowball because he didn’t believe Holden when he said that he wasn’t going to throw it.

-Chapter 6
M: “People hate it when you insult them.”
CD: Holden is insulting Stradlater by calling him a moron and Stradlater gets angry at him.

-Chapter 7
M: “Saying goodbye can be heartbreaking.”
CD: Holden starts sort of crying when he took his last look down the corridor because he is going to miss Pency even though he hates the place.

-Chapter 8
M: “Mothers are blinded from love to their child’s faults.” CD: Holden talks to Mrs. Morrow who seemed like she might not know how terrible of a person her son was,

-Chapter 9
M: “If you don’t have the mentality to do something, then you won’t do it to the best of your abilities.” CD: Holden was going to call Jane’s school and pretend like he was her uncle but he didn’t do it because he knew he would mess up because he wasn’t in the mood.

-Chapter 10
M: “Women can drive someone crazy.”
CD: Holden meet...
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