Math 302 Quiz

Topics: Sampling, United States customary units, Sample Pages: 4 (690 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Chapter Quiz
Determine whether each statement is true or false. If the
statement is false, explain why.
1. Probability is used as a basis for inferential
2. The height of President Lincoln is an example of a
3. The highest level of measurement is the interval
4. When the population of college professors is divided
into groups according to their rank (instructor, assistant
professor, etc.) and then several are selected from each
group to make up a sample, the sample is called a cluster
5. The variable age is an example of a qualitative
6. The weight of pumpkins is considered to be a continuous
7. The boundary of a value such as 6 inches would be
5.9–6.1 inches.
Select the best answer.
8. The number of absences per year that a worker has is an
example of what type of data?
a. Nominal
b. Qualitative
c. Discrete
d. Continuous
9. What are the boundaries of 25.6 ounces?
a. 25–26 ounces
b. 25.55–25.65 ounces
c. 25.5–25.7 ounces
d. 20–39 ounces
10. A researcher divided subjects into two groups according
to gender and then selected members from each group
for her sample. What sampling method was the
researcher using?
a. Cluster
b. Random
c. Systematic
d. StratifiedBluman: Elementary
Statistics: A Step by Step
Approach: A Brief Version,
Fifth Edition
1. The Nature of Probability
and Statistics
Text © The McGraw−Hill
Companies, 2010
11. Data that can be classified according to color are
measured on what scale?
a. Nominal
b. Ratio
c. Ordinal
d. Interval
12. A study that involves no researcher intervention is
a. An experimental study.
b. A noninvolvement study.
c. An observational study.
d. A quasi-experimental study.
13. A variable that interferes with other variables in the
study is called
a. A confounding variable.
b. An explanatory variable.
c. An outcome variable.
d. An interfering variable.
Use the best answer to complete these...
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