Math 221 Week 6 Ilab

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Math 221 **** Example Format **** Week 6 Lab

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(Note: Your labs should be well organized, with results clearly identified and in the proper order. When answering questions, be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar. It is also important for you to fully explain your answers! Please do not answer “yes” (or “no”); you should explain why the answer is “yes”. **REMOVE THIS NOTE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING**)

Part 1. Normal Distributions and Birth Weights in America

(Insert your answers to the 5 questions on Birth Weights here. Be sure to carefully follow the examples worked in the Normal Ex worksheet from the Week6Lab.xls file. Copy-and-paste the Excel commands and/or Normal Probability Distributions you use to answer Questions 2a, 3a and 4a. You do not need to copy-and-paste anything for the other questions; you must provide your answers, however. **REMOVE THIS NOTE PRIOR TO SUBMITTING**)

a)We see from the graph that is between 7 and 7.5 , the only period of gestation having a mean between 7 and 7.5 is: 37 to 39 weeks (is 7.33)

Answer: 37 to 39 weeks

b)We see from the graph that is between 7.5 and 8 , and the distance between and 7 seems to be 2 times the distance between  and 8so  is approx 7 2/3= 7.667 so we select the gestation period: 42 weeks and over (having a mean of 7.65)

Answer: 42 weeks and over

c)We see from the graph that is a little greater than 4 , the only period gestation having that mean is 28 to 31 weeks (it has a mean of 4.07)

Answer: 28 to 31 weeks


a)X= weight of birth (period: 28 weeks), =1.88 =1.19 P(X
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