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Study Guide #1 Maternity Chp 1-5, 14 (Dynamics, A&P, Pregnancy) 100 pts Wade/Fall 2011 NAME______________________________
1) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of freestanding birth centers. The advantages are that they offer a homelike atmosphere. They have conveniences such as a kitchen for family members. The disadvantages are that many freestanding birthing centers do not have adequate technology and medical care readily available if complications to the mother or fetus arise. 2) Define the different types of healthcare systems (PPO, HMO, etc.) Health Maintenance organizations (HMO’s) - Provide total healthcare for members. Most of the cost savings come from efforts to reduce hospitalization days and hospital admissions. Preferred Provider Organizations(PPO’s) - A contract with a network of providers (physicians and hospitals) to provide services at a discounted rate to its members. Patients may use non-PPO providers, but they must pay those expenses out of pocket. Monthly payment premiums are required in managed care health plans. 3) Discuss the proper use of a clinical pathway and the nurse’s role in its success. The proper use of a clinical pathway improves the quality of care and reduces hospitalization time. Clinical pathways are designed from evidence based standards of care concerning the expected progress and timelines for the specific patient diagnosis They are essential component of managed care that promotes coordination of the healthcare team, resulting in high quality patient care delivered in a more cost-effective timeframe. The nurses role include carrying out independent nursing assessments, teaching, and interventions; carry out medical orders given by physicians or other healthcare providers, along with following or using as a guide the recommendations from nutrienists, social workers, or other community agencies involved in the patients care. The nurse will then document the care on the clinical pathway and report any variances to the charge or physician. 4) What is the importance of community based nursing? What is WIC? The community is now one of the major healthcare settings for all patients, and the challenge is to provide safe, caring, cost-effective, high-quality care to mothers, infants, and families. WIC is a Women, Infants, and Children program that provides supplemental food and education for those in need. 5) Discuss the five steps of the nursing process.

1. Assessment: Collecting both objective and subjective patient data 2. Diagnosis: Identifying problems or potential problems, validating them through a process called critical thinking, and grouping them as nursing diagnosis 3. Planning: Planning care for the problems that were identified, which are stated in specific, individualized, measurable goals 4. Implementation: Carrying out the specific interventions necessary to achieve the desired outcomes or goals (putting the plan into action) 5. Evaluation: Determining how well the plan worked and, if necessary modifying the plan accordingly to meet the goals and outcomes. 6) Discuss the importance of gathering statistics to improve maternal and newborn care. What are birth certificates used for in the US? Statistics are important because they depict the health status of the nations women and children. This information helps the government allocate resources to various identified needs. The outcomes of pregnancies in different states and countries can be compared; these outcomes generally show that maternal and infant morality rates fall when the overall health of people improves. A birth certificate is used in the united states for Vital Statistics. 7) Define each family type. (nuclear, blended, communal, etc.) Nuclear: Husband, wife, and their biologic children living together Blended or reconstituted: A combination of two families with children from one or both families Cohabitating: An unmarried couple living together; they may have their own children, children from previous...
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