Materials Management

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1. Explain the meaning, objective and functions of Materials management. 2. Explain Brisch and Kodak system of codification.
3. Describe Materials Planning briefly?
4. What do you understand by Standardization and variety reduction? Explain briefly . 5. Explain different functional budgets prepared in an organization. 6. Explain the meaning of Materials Management.

7. Explain the functions of Materials Management.
8. Draw the organizational Chart to show the position of Materials Management in the overall company organization. 9. Define ABC analysis.
10. Draw a diagram indicating Purchase Parameters.
11. Define the term Purchasing.
12. What are the objectives of Purchasing?
13. Why does a Company Choose Single Source for purchasing? 14. Explain the advantage of Integrated Materials Management Concept. 15. What is Value Engineering?
16. Describe Purchasing Cycle Briefly .
17. Explain briefly the various Purchasing Policies.
18. Explain any two vendor rating technique.
19. Bring out the arguments For and Against “make” & “Buy” Decisions. 20. Calculate the vendor rating for the following. The item under consideration is the same for all suppliers. |Supplier’s Data |A |B |C | |Quantity supplied |90 |80 |75 | |Quantity accepted |78 |80 |70 | |Price of each item (Rs.) |4 |4.2 |3.9 | |Delivery Promise (in weeks) |6 |6 |6 | |Actual Deliveries made in (weeks) |8 |6.2 |7 |

Weightage for quality= 70% , price = 2% , delivery = 10%. 21. Calculate the vendor rating for the following. The item under...
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