Materials and Manufacture Lab

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Overview of CES EduPack 2011
Materials and Process Information Science Notes Interactive Materials Property Charts

Three levels of database, from an introductory teaching resource to a comprehensive project tool covering 3,000 materials.

Textbook-style explanations with further reading references to books by Ashby, Askeland, Callister, Shackelford and more...

Unique tools to compare and analyze properties and to select materials and processes.

Eco Audit Tool

Specialist Databases

Advanced Software

Introduce key concepts in eco design and sustainabilty. Explore ‘what if’ design scenarios.

Editions for design, eco design, polymers, aerospace, bio engineering, architecture and the built environment.

Use CES Constructor to build your own databases. Apply CES Selector and GRANTA MI for advanced teaching, research, and industry.

Getting Started Guide

Professor Mike Ashby
Department of Engineering University of Cambridge

© Granta Design and M. F. Ashby, 2011
For reproduction guidance see back page
This Getting Started Guide is part of a set of open access teaching resources created by Mike Ashby to help introduce students to materials, processes and rational selection. The Teaching Resources website aims to support teaching of materials-related courses in Design, Engineering and Science. Resources come in various formats and are aimed primarily at undergraduate education. Some like this are open access.

Granta Design and M.F. Ashby

Getting started with CES EduPack

Getting started with CES EduPack
These exercises give an easy way to learn to use the CES EduPack software. The comprehensive CES Help file within the software gives more detailed guidance.

Thumbnail sketch of CES EduPack The CES EduPack software has three Levels of Database. Level 1 Coverage Around 70 of the most widely used materials drawn from the classes: metals, polymers, ceramics, composites, foams, and natural materials. Around 70 of the most widely used processes. Around 100 of the most widely used materials. Around 110 of the most commonly used processes. The core database contains more than 3,000 materials, including those in Levels 1 and 2. Specialist editions covering aerospace, polymers, architecture, bio-materials, and ecodesign are also available. Content A description, an image of the material in a familiar product, typical applications, and limited data for mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties, using rankings where appropriate. All the content of Level 1, supplemented by more extensive numerical data, design guidelines, ecological properties, and technical notes. Extensive numerical data for all materials, allowing the full power of the CES selection system to be deployed.

Level 2

Level 3

When the software opens you are asked to choose a Level. Chose Level 1 to start with.

At each Level there are a number of Data Tables.
The most important are: Materials and Processes.

Each of the three levels can be interrogated by
   BROWSING SEARCHING SELECTION Exploring the database and retrieving records via a hierarchical index. Finding information via a full-text search of records. Use of powerful selection engine to find records that meet an array of design criteria.

CES EduPack does far more than this. But this is enough to get started.

Granta Design and M.F. Ashby  2011


Getting started with CES EduPack

The DEFAULT on loading CES EduPack Levels 1 & 2 is LEVEL 1, MATERIALS UNIVERSE






W indow

Exercise 1 BROWSE materials
     Find record for STAINLESS STEEL Find record for CONCRETE Find record for POLYPROPYLENE Explore POLYPROPYLENE record at LEVEL 2 Find PROCESSES that can shape POLYPROPYLENE using the LINK at the bottom of the record


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