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Topics: Food, Fruit, Imperial units Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound. Add up your prices per pound for the fruits and vegetables and find the average cost per pound. (Example: If bananas are .79 per pound and apples are .59 per pound, the average is calculated like this: (.79 + .59)/2 = 1.38/2 = .69 per pound on average for the two fruits.)

Fresh strawberries 1.98 per lbs
fresh green cabbage .33 cents per lbs
Washington premium apples 1.77 per lbs
(1.98+.33+1.77)/3= 4.08/3= 1.36 per pound ( $1.36 is the average price per pound)

Locate the weight of your prepackaged food items. (For example, on a box of Frosted Flakes it says 15 oz.) Add up all of the weights for your prepackaged items in ounces, and then add up all of the costs for your four prepackaged items. From the totals, find the average cost per ounce of prepackaged items. Convert your results to cost per pound. (Hint: How many ounces in a pound?) Now, compare the cost per pound of unprocessed food compared to prepackaged processed food. Discuss your comparison. Are you amazed or did you expect these results?

Fruit loops 2.89 12oz box
Shredded cheese 3.50 16oz
Steakumz 5.99 16oz
Chicken tenders 16oz 7.99
prices of items (2.89+3.50+5.99+7.99)= $20.37
oz of all products (12+16+16+16)= 60 oz
To find average cost per pound we must first convert 60 ounces to pounds by dividing 60 by 16 because there is 16 oz. in one pound. 60/16= 3.75 lbs
20.37/3.75= 5.43 per pound
The fresh fruits and veggies cost an average of $1.36 per pound , and the prepackaged food cost an average of $5.43 per pound. The difference between the two are $4.07!! As everyone knows the fresh fruits and veggies tend to cost less than prepackaged food, and health wise the fresher foods are much better than the prepackaged foods.
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