Master of Business Administration Sem 1 Human Resource Management Assignment Set- 1

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Master of Business Administration Sem 1
Human Resource Management
Assignment Set- 1
Q1.What are the objectives of job evaluation?
Answer : Objectives of Job Evaluation
The decision to measure or rate jobs should only be made with the intent to reach certain objectives which are important to both management and the employee. Although there are many side benefits of job evaluation, the purpose is to work towards a solution of the many wage and compensation related administrative problems which confront the industry. The below-mentioned are some of the important objectives of a job evaluation program: 1. Establishment of sound salary differentials between jobs differentiated on the skills required. 2. Identification and elimination of salary-related inequities. 3. Establishment of sound foundation for variable pay such as incentive and bonus. 4. Maintenance of a consistent career and employee growth policy/ guidelines. 5. In organizations with active unions, creation of a method of job classification, so that management and union officials may deal with major and fundamental wage issues during negotiations and grievance meetings. 6. Collection of job facts

a. Selection of employees
b. Promotion and transfer of employees
c. Training of new employees
d. Assignment of tasks to jobs
e. Improving working conditions
f. Administrative organization, and
g. Work simplification.
There are many established methods to carry out job evaluation in a scientific manner. A four-fold system of classifying evaluation systems is presented here. Two are described as non-quantitative and two as quantitative. 1. Non-quantitative evaluation measures,

a. The ranking system.
b. The job-classification system.
2. Quantitative evaluation measures
c. The point system.
d. The factor-comparison system.

Q2.Explain the need for human resource planning.
Human Resource Planning is a mandatory part of every organization’s annual planning process. Every organization that plans for its business goals for the year also plans for how it will go about achieving them, and therein the planning for the human resource:1. To carry on its work, each organization needs competent staff with the necessary qualifications, skills, knowledge, work experience and aptitude for work.2. Since employees exit and organization both naturally (as a result of superannuation) and unnaturally (as a result of resignation), there is an on-going need for hiring replacement staff to  

augment employee exit. Otherwise, work would be impacted.3. In order to meet the need for more employees due to organizational growth and expansion, this in turn calls for larger quantities of the same goods and services as well as new goods. This growth could be rapid or gradual depending on the nature of the business, its competitors, its position in the market and the general economy.4. Often organizations might need to replace the nature of the present workforce as a result of its changing needs, therefore the need to hire new set of employees. To meet the challenge of the changed needs of technology / product/service innovation the existing employees need to be trained or new skill sets induced into the organization.5. Manpower planning is also needed in order to identify an organizations need to reduce its workforce. In situations where the organization is faced with severe revenue and growth limitations it might need to plan well to manage how it will reduce its workforce. Options such as redeployment and outplacement can be planned for and executed properly.

Q3. What are the factors that impact recruitment in organizations?  Answer:
The influence of the various factors, as described above, be modified through goal directed recruitment efforts and career guidance? Recruitment efforts of various kinds have been launched by ministries, educational authorities, individual institutions,...
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