Massage Therapy Speech

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Speech 1311
Informative Speech Assignment

The purposes of this assignment are: to learn to inform an audience on a topic they know little about in an organized manner, and to learn how to use visual aids. The following criteria are required for this speech:

1. Prepare an informative presentation 4-5 minutes in length.

2. You may select your own topic as long as you remember the following: a.. Keep your audience’s interests in mind and justify why this topic would be of interest b. This assignment requires research

c. The audience should know little about the subject

3.A minimum of 3 quality sources are required for this presentation.. Quality, suggests avoiding the Internet and using the Databases provided at the TCCD Library (One source MUST be from a Database). Quality also suggests using materials and resources that are more sophisticated than Wikipedia. Use different types of sources.

4.You must use a minimum of two computer-generated visuals during the presentation. The visuals may be text visuals, graphic visuals, or both (i.e., a title and a list of main points would be considered a text visual). Computers with Microsoft PowerPoint (required) are available in the CLC (basement of the library) and the Speech Lab (NBSS 1102). Lab times are posted on the doors. Also refer to Ch 13 & 14 in the text. No VIDEO clips allowed. Save your PowerPoint on a clean flash/USB drive. (we will also record your presentation and export it to your USB for your viewing).

5. A typed outline and bibliography are due on the due date before you give your speech. Proper outline format is expected-see outline format document posted in Shared files. APA or MLA format is acceptable for the bibliography.

6. Basic speech components are required. The following are reminders: • General & Specific Purposes
• Attention-Getter
• Thesis & Preview
• Credibility...
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