Mass Media Influence on the Society Proposal

Topics: Mass media, Media influence, Marshall McLuhan Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Mass Media and Society
Cheandro Baromeo
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In the last 50 years, the influence of the media on the society has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. Mass media is a major force in modern culture, particularly in America.  All lot of times they refer to this as a mediated culture where media reflects and creates the culture. If you look in the past, first there was the post offices and telegram, and then they build the radio, newspaper and magazines, later television and now internet. Mass media is all about communication whether spoken, written or broadcast that reaches a large audience. This includes movies, magazines, radio, television, advertising, the internet and so forth. But how is mass media influencing our society. This question is what drives me to writing this proposal. To do this research I will be using Internet, e-books and other researches done on this topic to really understand this subject and based on the result of my analysis I will present my findings and conclusion on the questions. Research Question

How is mass media influencing our society?
Sub Questions:
1. How does mass media influence work?
2. What are the effects of media?
3. What kind of impact does mass media have on our youth? Introduction
If you ask around most of the people will tell you that media is really influencing people. But how is mass media really influencing our way of living. Before discussing the influence of mass media on society it is important to point out the 3 basic functions of mass media. The basic function of media is to provide entertainment, education and news/ information. The most important function of media is to provide news and information to the masses. That is why the present era is known as the information age. People need news or information for different reasons, on one hand it can be used to socialize and on the other to make decisions and formulate opinions. Entertainment would be the...
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