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Topics: Motivation, Organizational studies and human resource management, Job satisfaction Pages: 12 (1758 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Match the correct answer Chapter 10
A. Organizational Change
B. Change Agents
C. Calm Waters
D. White Water Rapids
E. Kurt Lewin’s Three Step Process
F. Constraints
G. Demands

H. Karoshi
I. Role Conflicts
J. Employee Assistance Programs
K. Wellness Programs
L. Idea Champions
M. Creativity
N. Role Overload
O. Innovation

__L__1. Individuals who actively and enthusiastically support new ideas, build support for, overcome resistance to, and ensure that innovations are implemented.

_N___2. Having more work to accomplish than time permits.

_E___3. Unfreezing, implementation of change, and refreezing

__B__4. People who act as change catalysts and assume the responsibility for managing the change process.

__D__5. Likens organizational change to a small raft navigating a raging river

__F__6. Barriers that keep us from doing what we desire. Inhibit individuals in ways that take the control of a situation out of their hands.

__M__7. The ability to combine ideas in a unique way or to make unusual associations between ideas.

__C__8. Likens organizational change to a large ship making a predictable rip across a calm sea and experiencing an occasional storm.

_G__9. Cause persons to give up something they desire. Demands preoccupy your time and force you to shift priorities.

_H__10. A Japanese term that refers to a sudden death caused by overworking.

_K__11. Programs offered by organizations to help employees prevent health problems.

__O_12. The process of taking a creative idea and turning it into a useful product, service, or method of operation.

_A__13. Any alteration of an organization’s people, structure, or technology

__I_14. Work expectations that are hard to satisfy.

__J_15. Programs offered by organizations to help employees overcome personal and health related problems.

Match the Correct Answer Chapter 11
Q. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
R. The Big Five Model
S. Emotional Intelligence
T. Locus of Control
U. Self Esteem
V. Self Monitoring
W. Perception
X. Attribution Theory
Y. Fundamental Attribution Error
Z. Self-Serving Bias
Aa. Selective Perception
Ab. Assumed Similarity
Ac. Sterotyping
Ad. Halo Effect
Ae. Learning
Af. Operant Conditioning

A. Behavior
B. Organizational Behavior
C. Employee Productivity
D. Absenteeism
E. Turnover
F. Organizational Citizenship Behavior
G. Job Satisfaction
H. Workplace Misbehavior
I. Attitudes
J. Cognitive Components
K. Affective Components
L. Behavioral Components
M. Job Involvement
N. Organizational Commitment
O. Employee Engagement
P. Personality



_I__1. Evaluative statements, either favorable or unfavorable, concerning objects, people, or events

_F__2. Discretionary behavior that’s not part of an employee’s formal job requirements, but which promotes the effective functioning of organization.

__M_3. The degree to which an employee identifies with his or her job, actively participates in it, and considers his or her job performance important for self-worth.

_AC_5. When we judge someone on the basis of our perception of a group he or she is part of

_T__6. The Degree to which people believe they control their own fate.

AF___7. A theory of learning that says behavior is a function of its consequences

__S_8. The ability to notice and to manage emotional cues and information

_A__10. The actions of people

_G__11. An employee general attitude toward his or her job

_N__12. An employee’s orientation toward the organization in terms of his or her loyalty to, identification with, and involvement in organization.

__V__13. A personality trait that measures the ability to adjust behavior to external situational factors.

_AE___14. A relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of experience...
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