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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Marx and the communist manifesto

I. Karl Marx (1818-83)
• Had an articulated view in history, and constructed his own narrative of history. • At the Crossroads of modern economics, history, politics, and sociology. • The post-revolutionary milieu, the French revolution. • Industrialism

II. Revolution
• A revolutionary philosophy
• A fundamental changes in social relationships.
• Industrial revolution
o Urbanization
▪ New classes
← Burgeoisie
← Proletariat- a new class as a result of the industrial revolution. Into the factories they went. • C. Marx’s theory of history
o Based on Hegel’s dialectic-
▪ Primitive communism, this is what people would call a hunter gathering society. ▪ Slave Society
▪ Feudalism
▪ Capitalism
▪ Communism
o Communism represents
III. The communist Manifesto, 1848
• A year of revolutions

Why study marx?
Was he right or wrong?
A materialist cure for materialism

The muslim brotherhood and the communist hate the western industrial world. Effects of the French revolution on San Dominque
• Oge
• Slave revolt in 1791
o Boukmann
o Goussaint Louverture (napolean of the slaves)
• A new repupclic in the western hemisphere
o Whose enlightenment is it?
• Revolution in Spanish America
o Napoleon and the Bourlon restoration
▪ Burbon Borbon 1815 tried to put everything back that napoleon destroyed. (didn’t work) o Conservative take oven Latin America
▪ Colonial aristocracy
▪ Pro- catholic, pro authority
o Colonial Nationalism and break down of Spanish rule ▪ Fr. Hidalgo: leading a peasent...
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