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Martyn Pig Quotes - Themes

“I looked at my dads arm chair, my armchair” – Role reversal

Fantasy vs Reality
“Something I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t real.” “It's strange, the lack of emotion, the absence of drama in reality. When things happen in real life, extraordinary things, there's no music, there's no dah-dah-daaahhs. There's no close-ups. No dramatic camera angles. Nothing happens. Nothing stops, the rest of the world goes on.” “Reality. When you gradually come to realise that all that stuff in books, films, television, magazines, newspapers, comics - it's all rubbish. It's got nothing to do with anything. It's all made up. It doesn't happen like that. It's not real. It means nothing.”

“Badness is a relative thing”

“I pulled the trigger, the pistol spat, and the sparrow fell. Just like that. I stared in Disbelief. I’d killed it. Stopped its life. Shot it dead.” (pg 150) – Short statements separated by commas describing the process of killing the sparrow (incites imagery in readers mind, enables them to vividly imagine the scene) illustrate the simplicity of killing and how easy it is to murder. Indicates that Martyn isn’t really a bad person, there was no hatred or revengefulness behind the deed, he was just curious. Short, consise sentences highlight his disbelief. “I can still here the sound of it now. That sickening crack of bone on stone. I knew he was dead. Instantly. I knew.” – The rhyming of bone and stone emphasise the impact of William Pigs body as it hit the fireplace, but also emphasise the impact that his death would have on the rest of Martyn’s life. The short sentences illustrate Martyn’s instant feeling of shock that engulfed his body, so much so that he couldn’t string together long coherent sentences and could only manage small outbursts during his brains realisation of the terrible thing that had just happened and how his world is now changed forever. “I hated him. I...
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