Marrying for Love

Topics: Marriage, Love, Wife Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Larry Joe Davis
English Comp. 11

“The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love” is written by Stephanie Coontz. She talks about how marrying for love is not as common as everyone thinks. She shows the facts about how love is only a bonus to getting married. This article makes everyone that reads it appreciate how lucky they are to actually love their partners. The thesis of this piece of work is that everyone should enjoy what they have in life, because love is such a special gift that we all take for granted. The main point in this article by Coontz is to inform everyone how important love is in life. She explains that in other countries love is just a bonus in getting married, which makes everyone wonder how other countries can be so different from one another. Stephanie Coontz notes that, “ Through most of the past, individuals hoped to find love, or at least “ tranquil affection,” in marriage” (381). In many countries, love is just a minor ingredient for success in marriage. In other cultures, men have multiple wives, many practical wives, and a love wife. This just comes to say how important relationships are in many places other than the United States. I know that after reading this article, I am very proud to say that I live in America. In another passage, Stephanie states that, “ When a woman has sex with someone other than her husband and he doesn’t object, anthropologists have traditionally called it life loaning. When a man does it, they call it male privilege” (383). Does this sound like somewhere you would want to live? I know I would not want my wife to be running around with other men. All of this comes to show just how influential love is throughout the world. What I am trying to say is, love is not expressed enough in life. In Venezuela, women who are pregnant, have to tell who all she slept with since she found out she was married (Coontz, 384). This is no big deal to the husband of the woman. This kind of act proves the point that love...
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