Marketing Study Guide

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Marketing Study Guide

By | October 2012
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BA 514 - Marketing Management - Study Guide - Quiz #1

Note on Topics below: Chp 1 follows the lecture slides; remaining chapters follow text; ID = identify

“the marketing concept means...Purpose of the marketing concept is… “Thus, effective marketing starts...organizations should focus on…. “As time passes…” - impact on a mission statement“When completed…” - mission statement focus… Organization objectives “must be….” statedEnvironmental forces (name and identify) Examples of objectives - Figure 1-3 Figure 1-4; definitions and ID examples Org strategies based on competitive advt; define/examplesOrg Strategies based on value; define /examples Three basic steps of controlling

Chp 2) It cannot be overstated…marketing managers should recognize that… The first step in the research process…Qualitative versus Quantitative research; when used A “cardinal rule” of data collectionReasons a test markets may be invalidated Ch 3) Culture / Subcultures (define; why decreasing)Situational Influences (define, identify, p.45) Stages of buying process (overview of each stage)Sources during alternative search (I.d.\examples) Purchase decisions; attempting to minimize?Disconfirmation paradigm Chp 4) Who does \ What is Organizational BuyingPurchase Type Influences (when used) Structural Influences – I.D. Purchasing Roles (page 56)Sole sourcing (what it is – why/why not?) Behavioral Influences – define & IDVendor analysis – why done Ch 5) Logic of marketing segmentation / why doneBenefit Segmentation – define / belief underlying What does psychographic segmentation focus onHow lifestyles measured Product positioning – why done / strategiesSegmentation decisions – and why taken 3 M’s of segmentationFig 5-2: Segmentation bases (focus on consumer)

KEY ARTICLES to Review; Key points below from articles to review:

HBR article on Continental & Chapter 1: review issues related to goal setting and measuring if a...

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