Marketing Strategy to Attract Bulgarian and International Students in Joint- Master Degree Programs “European Business and Finance” and “International Marketing” in University of National and World Economy

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International Marketing

Marketing strategy to attract bulgarian and international students in joint- master degree programs “European Business and Finance” and “International marketing” in University of National and World economy





4. Defining our goals

a. Defining the problem – the low numbers of foreign students in the joint programme and in the university as a whole.

b. Defining the products with which we want to access the external markets

i. Joint programme between UNWE and Nottingham Trent University

ii. International business

iii. Other bachelor and master programmes

c. Defining the results we hope to achieve with this research

5. Defining the influence of internal and external environment on our product

a. SWOT analysis

b. Defining the target groups

i. Division by age

ii. Division by profession

c. Defining the markets we’re going to do a research on:

i. Country identification

1. Based on proximity and market development

ii. Analysis of the chosen countries

1. Preliminary analysis – using PEST/STEEPLE or/and others qualitative and quantitative methods

2. In-depth screening – Are there major competitors on the chosen markets, are there any social, ethnic based or other problems, how to adapt the products for the specific markets.

3. Final selection

6. Defining the ways to penetrate the market

a. Foreign universities exhibitions

b. Advertisements – where and how

c. Exchange programs with other universities.

d. The role of the representatives

Defining our goals

1. Defining the problem – the low numbers of foreign students in the joint programme and in the university as a whole.

Each year University of National and World Economy receives a number of inquiries from prospective Bulgarian students regarding opportunities at the Economic University. The University of National and World Economy offers a four semesters joint - master degree program in European Business and Finance for graduates of foreign countries and Bulgaria. The joint master - program usually has a small number of Bulgarian students each year out of about 25 students in each class. A large number of the Bulgarian students have typically earned a bachelor's degree at a university in Bulgaria before coming to University of National and World Economy, and they plan to remain here or work abroad after receiving their master degrees. In recent years, however, the University have not received inquiries from international applicants who had received a degree and have completed the educational requirements for graduate degrees in their own countries.

2. Defining the products with which we want to access the external markets

i. Joint programme between University of National and World Economy and Nottingham Trent University

The joint - master degree programme is a response to the fast changing European academic environment. It reflects the Bologna process that is strongly supported by the British Higher Education Authorities.

This is a joint master programme recognised by all partner universities and their respective national academic authorities. This programme has been jointly designed by all participant universities and is regulated by a specific negotiated agreement. It features multicultural, multilingual and European academic dimensions including students and staff travelling between the relevant countries. The overall aim is to develop managers originating predominantly from Central and Eastern Europe, capable of working in a pan-European cross-cultural business environment. The Joint MSc Degree in European Business and Finance aims to: a) Provide students with an opportunity to develop multicultural and multilingual communication skills which enables participants to communicate effectively...
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