Marketing Strategies of Major German Brands

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Marketing Strategies of Major German Brands

Name: Erika Godsey; Matriculation Number: 11085867
Piotr Woszczyński; Matriculation Number: 1108694915
Pascal Mansmann; Matriculation Number: 1108670513

Date of submission: 24 January 2012

Program: GlobalMBA
Course: Applied Intercultural Communication: Germany
Instructor: Ulrike Meyer

Table of Contents

Marketing Strategies of Major German Brands1
1 Introduction2
2 Overview of Marketing Strategies3
2.1 BMW and Brand Image3
2.2 Product Placement3
2.3 Sponsorship4
2.4 Corporate Societal Marketing4
2.5 Social Media5
3 Different Marketing Mixes adapting to diverse Markets: Case Study of Jägermeister5 3.1 Origins of Mast’s Jägermeister5
3.2 Marketing of Jägermeister in Germany by Günter Mast6 3.3 Marketing of Jägermeister in the USA by Sidney Frank6 3.4 Jägermeister today – Lessons learnt8
4 International Marketing Strategies: Comparison of Adidas and PUMA8 4.1 The origins and overview of the companies8
4.2 PUMA’s Marketing Campaigns9
4.3 Adidas’s Marketing Campaigns10
4.4 Sponsorship and Social Media11
5 Conclusions12

1 Introduction

Germany is the largest country in the European Union and has one of the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the world, making the country very important for marketing studies. There are also some of the strictest consumer protection laws in the world, such as the restriction on comparative advertising and strict regulations on promotional tools (Walsh, 2001, p 76).

Germany has many highly competitive industries and therefore uses a variety of marketing strategies. This paper will analyze three major topics in marketing and how it has affected the marketing strategies of major competitors in the German market. To begin, the issue of these highly competitive markets and the need for differentiation is discussed. The concept of emotional branding is introduced and shown through the techniques of BMW, a company which has successfully implemented this technique to differentiate themselves and gain market share. Next, the effects of moving into international market are analyzed by a case study of Jägermeister and the evolution of the brand. Finally, a case study of Adidas and Puma is used to exemplify marketing strategies of companies with similar lines of products.

2 Overview of Marketing Strategies

The international automotive industry is highly competitive and includes some of the most well-known German brands. Germany is particularly known for its premium brands, with top competitors such as Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and BMW. These companies use a number of marketing strategies to retain high market share and keep their brand image powerful and consistent in the consumer’s mind. One increasingly important strategy in marketing is the creation of emotional branding to create a relationship between the product and the consumer. BMW, in particular, successfully exemplifies this point through a number of strategies and will be the focus of this chapter.

2.1 BMW and Brand Image

To begin, the image of BMW is analyzed to gain an understanding of the marketing choices set out by the company. The long standing slogan of BMW is „The Ultimate Driving Machine“ Recently, the company has introduced a new slogan targeting emotions with the joy of driving, with the slogan „Sheer Driving Pleasure“ (Ries, 2006). This shows a shift from focus on the automobile to focus on the customer experience. Developing emotional brand attachment can be an ideal method for gaining consumer loyalty. This is a key issue in marketing and can be created through matching the brand’s personality with the consumer, and can consequently increase financial performance (Malaer, 2011, p. 35). BMW focuses on high research and development and retaining an image of being innovative. According to the BMW Education Programme, BMW...
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