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Marketing Project

By | June 2012
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Coca-Cola Company came in Pakistan in 1962 and it was then operated under franchising. It has been 7 years that company has started operating under COBO (Company on Beverage Operations that is run under the trademark of company. For coca cola to become a total beverage company it was necessary to launch water so it was done by the company in January 2007 by the name of “KINLEY” which means purity. It has been many years since its launching so the product is at maturity. For the first year companies marketing objectives are to make people know about the product. The basic aim is to get maximum market share and financial objectives are to make sales to achieve breakeven which company has been achieve.


As kinley has been launched many years ago by coca-cola company so it is now in maturity stage. The market trends are that the sales have increased. The volume growth of the product had increased by 4% as compared to the previous year so it can be seen that company can gain a reasonable growth for this year. To gain desired market Share, Company should carefully target its customers.

As the product discussed is water, which is one of the basic needs by every individual on earth so the company do not have much difficulty in targeting its customers as the whole earth can be its customer. kinley has targeted its market to fine & renewed restaurants who are a lot considerate about their image, and small retail shops where it is easily available. Thus, the market of kinley is everywhere from lower to middle to elite.


Kinley’s main features are:
It is the treated water.
Treated under most hygienic conditions.
Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and germs.
Most modern techniques are used in water purification.
Water is passed from 0.03 mm thin membrane to ensure purity, which accepts almost 75% of water and rejects the remaining 25%. •All the minerals are added to...

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