Marketing Plan Template

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Marketing Plan
By Charlene McCormack

I. Executive Summary3
II. Introduction3
III. Situational Analysis3
A. The Situational Environments3
1. Demand and demand trends3
2. Social and cultural factors3
3. Demographics3
4. Economic and business conditions3
5. State of technology for this class of product3
6. Laws and regulations3
B. The Neutral Environments3
1. Financial environment3
2. Government environment3
3. Media environment3
4. Special interest environment3
C. The Competitor Environments3
1. Describe your main competitors3
D. The Company Environments3
1. Describe your products3
IV. The Target Market or Segment, Target & Position (STP)3
1. Product3
2. Price3
3. Place3
4. Promotion4
V. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats4
VI. Marketing Objectives and Goals4
VII. Marketing Tactics*4
VIII. Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Control4
IX. Summary4
X. Appendices4

I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

III. Situational Analysis

A. The Situational Environments

1. Demand and demand trends

2. Social and cultural factors

3. Demographics

4. Economic and business conditions

5. State of technology for this class of product

6. Laws and regulations

B. The Neutral Environments

1. Financial environment

2. Government environment

3. Media environment

4. Special interest environment

C. The Competitor Environments

1. Describe your main competitors

D. The Company Environments

1. Describe your products

IV. The Target Market or Segment, Target & Position (STP)

            1. Product

            2. Price

            3. Place

            4. Promotion

V. Strengths, Weaknesses,...
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