Marketing Plan for Spenil

Topics: Marketing, Hand sanitizer, Product management Pages: 28 (6358 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Course code : F-204
Course name: Principles of Marketing

Report on

Submitted To:

Ms. Nausheen Rahman
Associate Professor,
Department of Finance,
University of Dhaka

Date of Submission:
25 May, 2013

Submitted By:

Group # 08

Serial No.| Name| ID| Remarks|
01.| Sanjida Rahman Liza| 18-010| |
02.| Jannatul Naima| 18-065| |
03.| Rahima Nazat Ara| 18-074| |
04.| Fowziah Nahid Priya| 18-096| |
05.| Nihad Ibna Matin | 18-125| |
06.| Hamida Akter Hira| 18-146| |
07.| Sneharthi Ghosh| 18-152| |
08| Shahanaz Parvin| 18-259| |

Section: A
B.B.A 18th Batch
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka


25 May, 2013

Ms. Nausheen Rahman
Associate Professor
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of report on “Marketing plan on sepnil instant hand sanitizer”

Dear Madam,

We are obliged to submit the report entitled “Marketing plan on sepnil instant hand sanitizer”, as a partial requirement of the course “Principles of Marketing” under your instruction.

This report highlights the factors marketers must consider when setting marketing strategies and when preparing plan for their products. To prepare this report we have tried to implement our theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. .

We are extremely grateful to you for your valuable guidance, diligent effort & inspiring words. We have tried our best to follow your instructions, schedule and discipline obediently.


Sanjida Rahman Liza
On behalf of the group members
Section- A
BBA 18th Batch
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka



We express our thanks to our dear course teacher Ms. Nausheen Rahman for assigning us a report dealing with real impacts of marketing strategies. In this regard, we would also like to thank ourselves as our good teamwork and successful team spirit. Without cooperation and the support from each other, it would not be possible to prepare such a resourceful report.

The presentation of this report is of a great expectation in our BBA program and we are quite happy to submit it. Theoretical knowledge is valued when it is successfully applied in practical scenario. In this respect we found this report a great opportunity to deal with some special concentrations of real world problems when we want to capture market for a product having less demand in the market.

So lastly we would again like to express our heartfelt thanks to our course teacher for providing such scope to gain practical knowledge and enrich our study with realistic implication of knowledge.


Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer is a disinfectant product of Square Toiletries Ltd. It kills 99.99% germs on our hands without using any water & keeps us safe. We can easily carry it anywhere from home to abroad. In our country, there is no perfect substitute of this product. So this product should have been much more demand. But in reality many of us even don’t know about the existence of it.For this reason we have selected this product for developing our marketing plan. At first, we have analyzed its current marketing situation and then we have found out the reasons of its having less demand i.e., high price, targeted toward only one group, less advertisement and promotional activities, less attractive container, no augmented product. We have done a SWOT analysis on this product and then have prepared our objectives and issues. And then, according to the need of our country, we have developed some marketing strategies i.e., market segmentation,...
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