Marketing Plan

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L.S School Supplies

Leslie Sotero

S.Y. 2011-2012

L.S School Supplies
Marketing Plan

I. Introduction
L.S School Supplies is general merchandise owned by Leslie Sotero. It is located in Poblacion, Sual Pangasinan (Please see attachment location map). L.S School Supplies aim to offer quality school supplies at great value for the people in Sual or Sualinians as they are called. L.S School Supplies was originated from the initials of the name of the owner. The owner starts a capital of P1, 000,000.00 to be able to acquire all the possible school supplies needed including stationery, notebooks, papers, pen, magazines, calculator, flash drives, bags, correction tape/fluid and any other school supplies you needed. Aside from providing quality school supplies, the business also want to build friendly and positive lasting relationship to customers. The owner believes that to be able to succeed is to help customers be successful as well by striving to cooperate with, listen to what they say, respect their views. Developing and maintaining relations to the customers is the way to stay competitive in an ever changing economic environment. It is only through this that L.S School Supplies can always be close to the market. L.S School Supplies offers a brand which includes Faber-Castell, Dong-A, Leeho, Deli, Shiny, Sterling, Maped, Sanford, 3M, and more which are known for their worldwide reputation of product integrity. Realizing that “good products make good business sense.”

Mission and Vision Statement: L.S School Supplies is “Customer Service Driven for Profitable Growth”. It provides quality school supplies at great value for the people in Sual. A major benefit of L.S School Supplies is ability to provide great customer service in a convenient location with comfortable atmosphere.

II. Current Marketing Situation
Every business needs to think about getting the most out of its marketplace. Competition in the business of school supplies in Sual is not that crucial yet. Showing the table below is the existing competitors of L.S School Supplies: ExistingCompetitors| Promotional Activities| Primary Products/Service Offered| Prices| % Share on the Market| Disu Enterprises| Steamers, Word-of-mouth| Papers| P8-15| 25%| | | Pencils| 5-10| |

| | Manila Paper| 7| |
| | Bags/Backpacks| 250-650| |
| | Crayons| 20-50| |
| | Celluloid| 6-20| |
| | Log Book| 35-75| |
| | Notebooks| 10-22| |
| | Cartolina| 8-10| |
| | Yellow Pad| 13-35| |
| | Folders| 5-8| |
| | Photocopy| 1| |
| | Lamination| 20| |
Emta School Supplies| Word-of-mouth| Ballpen| | 20%|
| | Pencil| 6-10| |
| | Coupon Bond| 1for 3pcs| |
| | Papers| 9-14;1for10pcs| |
| | Folders| 4-6| |
| | Cartolina| 5-7| |
| | Crayons| 19-53| |
| | Manila Paper| 5| |
| | Celluloid| 4-15| |
| | Trophies| 300-500| |
| | Yellow Pad| 20-35; 1for 3pcs.| |
| | Lesson Plan/Class Record| 25| |
| | Photocopy| 1.50| |
| | Lamination| 15| |
Others. . (CsiAlaminos/Dagupan, Magic Convenience Store )| TV ADS, Tarpaulins, Streamers| | | 55%| Considering the table above, Disu Enterprise the first who offers school supplies in Sual have a better image in that business and next to it is Emta School Supplies. Disu use streamers & word-of-mouth as their promotional & advertising activities while EMTA School Supplies, according to interview is they are just into selling (word-of-mouth) and they are not offering any discounts. L.S School Supplies then enter into the market to cover of at least 15% share in the market for its starting. The estimated numbers of individuals...
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