Marketing Management

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Marketing ManageMent







Pearson Arab World Editions — Business & Economics
The Arab world’s location between three continents ensures its place at the centre of an increasingly integrated global economy, as distinctive as any business culture. We think learning should be as dynamic, relevant, and engaging as the business environment. Our new Arab World Editions for Business & Economics provide this uniquely Arab perspective for students in and of the Arab world. Each Arab World Edition integrates cases, companies, research, people, and discussions representing the diverse economic, political, and cultural situations across the nations that span the Arab world, whilst retaining the quality, research, and relevant global perspectives of the world’s leading business thinkers.

We hope that you find this edition a valuable contribution to your teaching or business studies. We aim to set a new benchmark for contextualized learning with our adapted and new titles, and hope that they will prove a valuable contribution in the success of students and teachers along each step of their business programme.

Supplementary support includes PowerPoint slides, instructor manuals, test bank generators, and MyLab online tutorial and homework systems.

Titles span a range of subjects and disciplines, including:
■ Management — Robbins & Coulter
■ Principles of Marketing — Kotler & Armstrong
■ Economics — Hubbard & O’Brien
■ Statistics for Business — Benghezal
■ Principles of Managerial Finance — Gitman
■ Organizational Behavior — Robbins & Judge
■ Human Resource Management — Dessler
■ Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases — David
■ Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics and Life and Social Sciences — Haeussler

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Ar A b World Edition

PhiliP Kotler

Northwestern University

Kevin lane Keller

University of North Carolina

Salah haSSan

George Washington University

imad BaalBaKi

American University of Beirut

hamed Shamma

American University of Cairo

Acquisitions Editor: Rasheed Roussan
Senior Development Editor: Sophie Bulbrook
Project Editors: Nicole Elliott and Bernice Luxford
Copy-editor: Nik Prowse
Proofreader: Jim Caunter
Design Manager: Sarah Fach
Permissions Editor: Rachel Thorne

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