Marketing Implications of Product Life Cycle

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Consumer protection Pages: 4 (977 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Presented below ten strategies that the marketers can consider:

1. New strategies for new times

The changed economic conditions are affecting consumer behavior and attitudes. Can the marketing strategies based on the understanding of the consumers in the prosperous times still hold water now? Consumers are changing their behavior in several different ways and various underlying attitudes and values govern these changes. It is critical for us to re-look at the consumer and refresh our understanding to fine tune the marketing strategies.

2. Segment and decide

Not all the consumers react to the environmental changes in the same way. Different consumers have different reactions to the financial challenge – ranging from an extreme tightening of the purse-strings, to a nonchalant continuation of the current indulgences. Tightening may be reflected in different tangible and psychological ways. Manufacturers also need to offer a range of different solutions and propositions to meet these changes in behavior.

Additionally, different consumer segments may be affected to different extent – and growth may vary from segment to segment. In luxury goods, for example, connoisseurship and indulgence segments may grow more as compared to the pure status segment, as these consumers’ relationship with luxury segments is not only emotional but also very tangible.

3. Find new pastures

In these times, growth may be easier to come about through geographical expansion, than competitive fight in the current markets. The impact of the slowdown is more pronounced in larger cities – though the smaller towns and villages are also affected if they relied on export based industries. Hence while growth may be challenged in the larger cities, it may be a good time to set forth and explore new markets in county towns, townships and villages. These are the markets which are growing at a faster pace and offer greater return for investments.

4. Emphasize value – re look at...
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