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  • Published : July 1, 2012
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Week One: Marketing Fundamentals

1.Dell, Inc. wants to offer customers televisions in addition to computers. This is a change in its a. pricing
b. promotion
c. personnel
d. product

2.Good marketing strategy planners know that
a. firms like Nabisco and WalMart are too large to aim at clearly defined target markets b. target marketing does not limit one to small market segments c. mass marketing is often very desirable and effective

d. the terms mass marketing and mass marketer mean basically the same thing

Week Two: Marketing Research

3.A consumer products manufacturer wants consumer reaction to its existing products. Interaction is considered important to stimulate thinking. The firm should use a. the observation method
b. focus group interviews
c. the galvanic skin response (GSR) method
d. quantitative interviews

Week Three: Marketing Strategy: Product and Price

4.______________ is the process of naming broad product-markets and then splitting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes. a. Market segmentation

b. Strategic planning
c. Mass marketing
d. Market positioning

Week Four: Marketing Strategy: Place and Promotion

5.The Canyonlands Corporation is introducing a new product next month. To prepare for the introduction, the marketing manager is having his sales force call on distributors to explain the unique features of the new product, how the distributors can best promote it, and what sales volume and profit margins they can reasonably expect. In addition, Canyonlands is budgeting 2% of its estimated sales for magazine advertising. This is an example of a. Selective distribution

b. A pulling policy
c. Exclusive distribution
d. A pushing policy

6.American Tourister, Inc.—a producer of luggage—is planning to introduce a new product line. The marketing manager is having her sales force call on retailers to explain American Tourister's consumer advertising...
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