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Mass Communication Mass Communication

Introduction to Mass Communication


AIR FM Gold, AIR FM Rainbow, Radio Mirchi, Doordarshan, Star, Zee, Dishnet, Tata Sky… The list is unending. Breaking news, flash, sting operation, live coverage of cricket… The way we communicate has changed in the area of mass communication or for most people in the mass media. We enjoy all that entertainment, music, reality shows, serials, beauty parades and fashion shows. From newspapers and magazines we have moved over to films , television and internet. All these are different forms of mass media and what they do is to communicate with the large unseen audiences nationally and internationally. In this lesson, you will learn the meaning of mass communication and the different forms of mass media.

OBJECTIVES After studying this lesson, you will be able to do the following : define mass communication; explain the functions of mass communication; describe the origin of mass communication; differentiate between different forms of mass media; describe the meaning of traditional media. 2.1 MEANING OF MASS COMMUNICATION The simplest definition of mass communication is “public communication transmitted electronically or mechanically.” In this way messages are transmitted or sent to large, perhaps millions or billions of people spread across the world. MASS COMMUNICATION


Introduction to Mass Communication

Mass Communication How are these messages sent ? They are sent through different forms of mass media such as newspapers, magazines, films, radio, television and internet. Media is the plural for the word medium or ‘means of communication’.


Fig. 2.1: Different forms of mass media

Means of communication is also called channel of communication. Mass communication can therefore also be defined as ‘who’, ‘says what’, ‘in which channel’, ‘to whom’, ‘with what effect’. Look at the following figure. In which channel?

Fig. 2.2

‘Who’ : refers to the communicator. Says ‘what’?: Here ‘what’ means the message. What the communicator has written, spoken or shown is the message. ‘In what channel’: This refers to the medium or channel like the newspaper, radio, or television. ‘To whom’ : This refers to the person receiving the message or the receiver. 22 MASS COMMUNICATION

Mass Communication “With what effect”: This refers to the impact of a message on a channel or medium. Let us assume that you have been informed about an event in a newspaper, or on radio of a social message. If this has changed your attitude towards a social evil like dowry or if a film song on television has entertained you, it may be called “the effect”. People who make films, write news, produce radio and television programmes or advertisements are all communicators who have a message for you. The medium through which messages are communicated such as newspaper, radio or television are the channels. That brings us to the functions of mass communication.

Introduction to Mass Communication


2.2 FUNCTIONS OF MASS COMMUNICATION News and discussions may inform you; radio and television programmes may educate you; films and television serials and programmes may entertain you. INFORM, EDUCATE AND ENTERTAIN These are the functions of media. Let us learn more about these functions of media. Those who write, direct or produce programmes are people who give us messages. Let us consider the example of a news bulletin on radio or television or a news item in a newspaper. They inform us of some event or happening.… “A new President is elected”, “The country has developed a new missile”, “India has beaten Pakistan in cricket”, “25 killed in a bomb blast”… All these inform us. These are properly designed or written messages given by people who are communicators. A doctor speaks on radio or television or writes in a newspaper about how to prevent a disease. Experts tell farmers on radio or...
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