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“A STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS” AT RAHUL MOTORS A project report submitted to SRM University, In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of The degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINSTARTIONS Submitted by AMIT PRASAD (3511110732) Under the guidance of Mr. G.VENUGOPALAN (Assistant Professor)



I AMIT PRASAD do declare that the research report entitled “ A STUDY ON ORGANISATIONAL FUNCTIONS from RAHUL MOTORS in HOOGHLY (WEST BENGAL)” submitted to the SRM UNIVERSITY for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master Of Business Administration is my own endeavor and it has not been submitted earlier to any institution / university for any degree.

PLACE: Chennai Date:

signature of the candidate AMIT PRASAD REG NO: 3511110732


It is a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure to present This Report of RAHUL MOTORS [west Bengal].I take this Opportunity to Owe my thanks to all those involved in my Training.

This project report could not have been completed without the Guidance of our director of the company, Avijit Roy and project Venugopalan .Their timely help & encouragement helped me To complete this project successfully.

I express my gratitude towards staff of RAHULMOTORS those Who have helped me directly or indirectly in completing the Training.



When everybody is providing what is expected Fro m him/ he r, the pe rson de livering the U n e x p e c t e d to its customers succeeds in the long run. In Today’s marketplace, it is no longer enough to satisfy the Customers, the manufacturer needs to delight them as well. To Conquer the modern business world one needs to be one-step ahead of its competitors.

MBA is combination of both theoretical as well as practical aspects of business and summer training gives a good opportunity to work in a real work environment. This Project report is the result of 8 weeks training at “RAHUL MOTORS”. It has given me a great exposure and I have found practical work very different from theoretical ones.


I had an opportunity to take my summer interns project “RAHUL MOTORS” Hooghly West Bengal. During the project I had a privilege being guided by MR. Avijit Roy, director of The company. The mother business of the company is to buy and Sell auctions Vehicles in the market. The company was setup in 2000 and newly five more companies have been established During the Last years .

The tittle of my project was “a study of organization function”. The objective of choosing these topic was learn how the Work is done in an organization. With great hard work I have tried to show in report how work are being done in the organization .I hope this report will not become the just another academic document but will in all practically prove to be a use full tool for giving direction to the RAHUL MOTORS, which is the earnest call from the depth of my heart.



There are hundreds of business books and number of journals And magazines published every year on successful business Operation. However, in nutshell, it can be distilled in 8 major Secret which are as follows.

 1st secret is that successful companies are not in business solely for the money. “Henry Ford” remarked that a company which only makes money is no sort of company at all.

 Strong culture, faster than other, friendly and goal oriented.

 Try to understand the customers, what customers actually wants that are understand by the company not vague idea, need aspiration and behavior.

 T he y k n o w w h a t i s i mp o rt a n t a n d t h is i s re fl e c t e d i n t h e i r impulsion of their employees.  Successful companies are persistent and p o w e r f u l communicator. People keep information and bright idea to themselves or communicate with a select...
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