Marketing 360 Exam Review

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SPRING, 2012

Time: MWF 9:00 A.M. – 9:50 A.M. Room: GH 205 Instructor: Hande Gunay Office: 2115 Phone: 312-972-4557 (Please call during office hours) E-mail: Office Hours: Monday 10:00 AM-11:00 AM or by Appointment

Prerequisite: ENGL 161 and MATH 160


The Field of Marketing.

The area of marketing includes the gamut of business activities involved in the sale of goods and services such as product planning, packaging, pricing, branding, selecting and directing channels of distribution, personal selling, advertising, promotion and conducting marketing research. The marketing manager operates within a continually changing environment of consumers, competition, traditional trade practices, and governmental influences. The goal of the marketing manager is to use the elements of marketing at his control, the product line, distribution channels, pricing, and marketing communications to accomplish the firm's objectives. The arena of marketing is a particularly exciting and challenging sector of the firm's operation. Through its marketing strategy, the firm adapts to its changing markets and the shifting competitive structure.

Broad Goal of the Course

Introduction to Marketing is the first, introductory course in the undergraduate marketing curriculum. The goal of the course is to present a survey introduction to the basic concepts of marketing and the activities of the marketing manager, operating both in the domestic and international marketing arenas.

Course Objectives

Introduction to Marketing has been designed to:

• Develop the student's understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of marketing, in both domestic and international contexts.

• Expose the student to the key functions of marketing management.

• Present current, “real time” examples of market positioning and marketing management in action, covering the planning and execution of marketing strategies.

• Identify career opportunities for the student in marketing management.

• Apply the concept of market positioning to the individual student’s professional career planning.

Mechanics of Class

The class has a Blackboard page (BB) ( Blackboard will offer copies of class presentations, frequently updated grades and an announcement section. Note: The announcement section should be checked often as announcements will be posted frequently.

It is the student’s responsibility to check the announcements on a regular basis. I will not be responsible for students being unaware of information that is posted on the class web page. Class communication is totally based on the Blackboard and your UIC email address. I WILL NOT RESPOND TO E-MAILS ASKING WHAT IS ALREADY POSTED ON BLACKBOARD.

E-mail Policy

You’re more than welcome to send e-mails to me. I will be glad to reply them. However, in order for me to reply them efficiently and effectively, your e-mail should meet certain requirements as listed below: • You shouldn’t leave subject part empty; you should specify the subject of e-mail (e.g. excused absence for Exam I, taking make-up Exam II, meeting request etc) as clearly as possible. • You should write your name and last name at the end of the e-mail.


Important Dates
• January 20, Friday: last day to drop a course
• March 16, Friday: last day to withdraw from a course



Three exams; two midterm and one final exam; will be given throughout the term. You will receive a score for each scheduled exam. All exams will be closed book, multiple choice types. The questions in the exams will be similar to those in quizzes....
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