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I as a Marketing Executive from 7 Eleven Company had given a task to conduct a marketing audit. I prepared a discussion paper which covers the topics such as appraising the processes and techniques used for auditing the marketing environments and applying organizational and environmental auditing techniques in a given situation. “The marketing audit is a basic part of the marketing planning process. It is conducted not only at the beginning of the process, but also at a series of points during the implementation of the plan. The marketing audit considers both internal and external influences on marketing planning, as well as a review of the plan itself.”This means that marketing audit is the part of marketing planning process which been conducted to identify several factors in both internal and external environment that influences on marketing planning and effect 7-Eleven company. Marketing audit is important for 7-Eleven due to changing in needs and wants among the customers. Example of factors that might affect with this changes is political, economic, social-cultural and technology. The main purpose of marketing audit is I can make a research and analyse the current situation in 7-Eleven based on all the factors that influence and at once come out with SWOT analysis. In SWOT analysis I can identified our company strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. With this analysis will help 7-Eleven identify and increase our performance. 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is the owner and operator of 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia. Built-in on 4 June 1984, 7-Eleven Malaysia has made its mark in the retailing prospect and have been a well-known icon for over 27 years. We are the largest 24-hours convenience store operator in Malaysia with over 1,300 stores nationwide. We serves over half a million of customers daily. Each 7-Eleven store carries over 2,000 products, including our proprietary brands such as Slurpee frozen beverages and Big Gulp fountain soft drinks. Being the premier neighbourhood convenience store, community building is in the heart of 7-Eleven’s corporate social responsibility framework. We believe in giving back to the society we operate in, with a commitment to support the underprivileged groups and to sustain environmental conservation effort at the local community level across all regions.

The first internal environment that influences 7-Eeleven Company is mission. Based on the company mission it helps us to aligning our company strategy and resources to encourage progress toward the future vision of the organisation. Our company mission is “To consistently serve the changing needs of customers for their convenience”. Based on the mission our company can focus by keep on updating our customers’ needs and provide them with quality goods and services to make them easy and at once directs 7-Eleven Company towards our vision which is “To be the best retailer of convenience”. In applying this mission, 7-Eleven strives as market leader retailers which give convenience. 2.1.2 RESOURCES

Next internal environment is resources. With efficient resource allocation it can lead 7-Eeleven to obtain successful performance. For example human resources, 7-Eleven have 2 shift which is morning shift and evening shift. Maximum 3 workers per shift and when it comes to public holiday or school holiday sometime our company will limit to maximum 2 workers per shift. Before the workers are getting employed they will undergo interview process and after they are selected they are given training to make them prepared before entering our company business. The limit of age in our company is from 18 years old to 60 years old. Our company hired candidates which have at least SPM certificates as they need knowledge in doing some calculation in their job but higher qualification candidates is much welcoming by our company. Our company need skills and knowledgeable workers in...
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