Market Entry Strategic Project

Topics: Economic growth, Gross domestic product, Inflation Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: February 2, 2013
MESP Tasks
Aim: Introduce a new consumer good into Singapore
Startup investment: HK$9 million.
Tasks| SuggestedDeadline| Persons In Charge|
1. Market Intelligence Report (MIR) (Week 4: 3/2 – 9/2) [See MESP Guide p.8 – 12] * 78 research questions in online MESP A. Basic Information B. Demographics C. Government D. Geography E. Economics F. Physical Infrastructure G. Communications Infrastructure H. More Information| 9/2| Jackson will answer most of the questions until 5/2.Suggestion:The rest may be evenly distributed to other team members.| 2. Business Environment Analysis Report (BEAR) (Week 5: 17/2 – 23/2) [See MESP Guide p.14 - 15] * 25 research questions in online MESP A. Rate 25 variables in 5 categories & Explain each variable with at least 3 points I. Demographics 1) Total Population 2) Population Growth Rate 3) Age Structure 4) Middle Class Size 5) Urban/Rural Composition II. Government 1) Government Stability 2) Economic Freedom 3) Openness to FDI 4) Legal System 5) Currency Convertibility III. Physical Infrastructure 1) Roads and Highways 2) Railways 3) Airports 4) Navigable Waterways 5) Ports IV. Economics 1) GDP Growth Rate 2) Per Capita GDP 3) Consumer Inflation Rate 4) Trade as Share of GDP 5) Potential Market V. Communications Infrastructure 1) Fixed Telephone Market 2) Wireless Telephone Market 3) PC Ownership 4) Internet Users 5) TV Ownership B. Global Attractiveness Rating for Singapore I. Holistic Assessment II. Key Factors to Watch III. Short-Term Assessment IV. Long-Term Assessment| 16/223/2| Suggestion:Everyone takes 3 variables. (Eric will take 4 variables.)| 3. Market Entry Strategy Analysis (MESA) (Week 6 – 7: 24/2 – 9/3) [See MESP Guide p.17 - 18] * 7 research questions A. Challenges B. Target Market C. Projected Sales D. Operations E. Entry Modes F. Marketing Campaign G. Final Analysis H. References...
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