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Study guide—Final Exam (April 26, 2007: 3:00 pm)
GIS 3015 (Map Analysis)
Spring 2007

OVERARCHING THEMES (5-10 questions at the most)
--Understand that maps are human creations and imperfect though useful representations of the land surface, understand why we use (though not the specifics of each one) grid systems, different projections. Understand that there of many types, and a few specifics: political, physical, cadastral, chloropleth, why we generalize, basics of topographic lines


--Advantages of computer-assisted cartography
--Digitizing process and a "puck"
--Analog vs. electronic map
--Vector vs. raster maps
--Machine coordinates
--Output abilities: raster and line plotters
--Applications: overlays, terrain analysis, intervisibility, engineering (cut and fill, overburden and reservoir calculation, etc.) Know the basics as regarding the following (not so much every specific fact or size, but the basics of what they are, and how many different sizes some of these come in:

--Digital orthophotos and digital orthophoto quadrangle
--Digital raster graphic
--USGS Digital land-use and land-cover data map
--NTIS's World Data Bank I and II
--Metadata: what it is, what is expected in it, and why it is important


--What GIS is, and how it goes beyond being simply a software package --Cartometrics
--Digital topoquads (2-D and 3-D Topoquads)
--Address matching and cross-referencing, e.g. Street Atlas USA, Microsoft Street and Trips (even, to some degree, yahoo and google maps) --Integrated map analysis packages: know some of the names we mentioned as most used program sets --Map-overlay analysis

--Ian McHarg, Design with Nature, and photographic overlay analysis--what it was, how it worked, what it was used for, and why it was not as effective then as it would be now --An example...
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