Managing Your Boss

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Organization behavior

Managing your boss

The relationship with your boss is one of the most important tasks that a manager has at work. The authors, John J. Gabarro and John P. Kotter, mentioned in the article that no matter how talented and aggressive you are, if you could not build or manage good relationship with your bosses, work could not be completed smoothly which the cumulative effect can be very destructive. Gabarro and Kotter pointed out that you should have a good understanding of your bosses, especially their strengths, weaknesses, work styles and needs. This information enhances developing and managing healthy working relationship. You should put themselves in their boss’ shoes and continuously recognize and understand your boss’ priorities and concerns. Besides understanding your boss, the authors suggested that you should know yourself. You should know your own needs, strengths and weaknesses, and personal style as well. The authors are not saying that managers should change your personality structure for their boss. But by understanding more about yourself, you will know your predisposition toward dependence on authority figures: whether you are counterdepedence or overdependence. With a clear understanding of your bosses and yourself, you can usually establish a work style that fits both of you, which is characterized by mutual expectations that helps working more productive and effective. Recognizing difference in style, you can adjust your styles in response to your bosses’ preferred work style. When you continuously meet your boss’ expectations and deadlines, and provide the information your boss needed, your relationship are built on your dependability and honesty. With a certain level of trust, it would be a lot easier for you and your bosses to meet more important goals in corporations. Real case study

When Ashley first started working in the accounting department of the bank, she had difficulties dealing with her boss....
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