Managing - the Homeless Youth in Toronto: Mismanaging Food Access and Nutritional Well-Being

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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A Reflection Paper
------“Managing” the Homeless Youth in Toronto: Mismanaging Food Access and Nutritional Well-being

With the rapid development of economy and the growth of people’ living standard, homeless is still a serious problem all over the world. In Canada, homelessness has grown in size and becomes a complicated social phenomenon in recent year. The government and voluntary organizations have taken some measures such as providing the temporary shelters, food and health care and so on. Some experts advocate that improving the homelessness’ education, employment and housing are effective solutions. It is a controversial issue because there are many people to argue some solutions to overcome the problem. In fact, both the government and the voluntary organizations want to help the homelessness. In some case, it is very important to figure out a feasible solution to deal with the controversial issue. According to the article, the government manages the homeless people in Toronto, but they do not pay more attention to access to food and the needs of nutritional well-being on the homeless people. First of all, they pointed out that the current policy responses to homelessness. The Canadian economy leads the homelessness to rise quickly. They also analyzed two dominant strategies, which are the “emergency” supports and restrictive controls. The strategies ignore the health and well-being of homeless youth. Moreover, they held a larger study of nutritional vulnerability among homeless youth. First of all, they found that the homeless youths face physical and mental health problems. Secondly, the writers emphasized how the homeless youth obtain food. Thirdly, the homeless youths preferred to food purchasing, and due to the limitation of programs they did not make use of charitable food programs. Eventually, the authors said that controlling the homeless a lot could impede them to access food. In addition, they would use some illegal strategies like theft and...
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