Managing the Growing Organisation

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Managing the Growing Organisation

Week 1
* There can be just one person in an organisation – eg. (Plenty Of Fish – a dating website has millions of users and plenty of member volunteers)

* Stages of Growth metaphor: an organisation as a person
* Infant
* Adolesent
* Mature

* Stages of Growth metaphor: an organisation as a family
* Only child
* 1 sibling
* 2 sibling
* 3 sibling
* 4 sibling
* 5+ sibling

* 2 key models:

* 5 stages of small business growth
1. Existence
2. Survival
3. Success
4. Take-off
5. Resource Maturity

* SCARF Model – Leadership model
S- Status
C- Certatinty
A- Autonomy
R- Relatedness
F- Fairness

* Factors Affecting the Growth of Manufacturing Firms
1. Traditional Small Company
2. Planning for Growth
3. Takeoff or departure from existing conditions
4. Drive to professional management
5. Mass production marked by a “diffusion of objectives and an interest in the welfare of society”

* Critical stages of Small Business Growth: When they occur and how to survive them” Model stages of:
1. Direct supervision
2. Supervised supervision
3. Indirect Control
4. Divisional organisation

* Organisations may go through times of growth (evolution) and then times of crisis (revolution). These continue to cycle to develop an organisation that should grow creativity with direction and coordination.

Week 2
* Apple grew its market from $1 Billion to $150 Billion from 2003 – 2007, by introducing the iPod. However, other products had come out much before that but they were ahead of there time – Apple had an organised market plan that allowed the infrastructure needed for the device to be useful to be ready so consumers can properly use the product * Coursera –free online courses

* Resources
Profit Formula
What gives a busienss a competitive advantage: Advanced technology or...
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