Managing People Module Guide

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Sheffield Business School

PG Programme Tourism, Hospitality, Events and Food

managing People
September 2012

Module Leader: Dr Emma Martin

Managing People

In an age of unprecedented competition where the focus of effort is frequently orientated towards measures of financial accountability those organisations who neglect or mismanage their human resources will ultimately suffer. Whilst short term financial considerations may dominate, the importance of managing people within the service industries is well documented.

This module is designed to help you develop as a non Human Resource specialist manager and give you an awareness and understanding of the issues surrounding the management of people. It is based on the premise that the effective management of people is a key determinant in organisational success.

Within the module you will explore the context of employment and current trends within your sector, including labour markets, motivation to work and employee diversity as well as specific Human Resource Management practices for example, Recruitment and selection, Performance management and Reward. The module will encourage you to develop competence in applying relevant theoretical principles to organisational contexts and enhance your knowledge and skills concerning the management of self and other in an organisational setting.

Module aims:

1. To investigate and understand the context of employment within your sector.

2. To develop knowledge of different issues and aspects of Human Resource Management as it is practiced within your sector.

3. To develop your awareness and skills in managing people.

4. To develop the ability to learn independently and in cross cultural teams.

5. To build oral and written communication skill appropriate to Masters Level study.

Module objectives: By the end of the module you will be able to:

1. critically appraise and evaluate the employment environment/the role of HRM within your sector; 2. reflect on and critically evaluate own skills in managing people; 3. research and evaluate current trends and issues in managing people within your sector; 4. consider the responsibility of the line manager in managing people and their role in operational HR issues; 5. critically reflect upon group/team working and peer appraisal systems; and 6. develop skills to enable effective cross cultural group work.


The approach to teaching and learning on this module is varied. You will find this module a little different to the others on the course as it is not run along the lines of ‘traditional’ lecture and seminar format. In this 11 week module:

There will be two hour sessions where everyone studying the module comes together. A variety of teaching methods will be used in these sessions including a limited amount of ‘lecture style’ work. These sessions will be interactive in nature and sometimes include large group exercises for which you will be asked to prepare in advance.

Students will be assigned to a role early on in the module; either group manager or group member. Managers will be expected to lead and manage the group members to achieve the first assessment task – the group led seminar session to include Problem Based Learning. There will be one hour sessions throughout the module for all the Group managers to attend as part of their role.

Students are expected to make an informed and considered contribution to discussion, debate and fully engage in activities, role plays or exercises. Effective verbal communication skills are basic tools of trade for professional employment and the experiences offered to you in this module will give you an ideal opportunity to refine these skills in a supportive environment.

Preparing work on your own and in groups outside of class will be important in developing seminar materials for student led...
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