Managing Human Resources Practice Mid Term Study Guide

Topics: Human resource management, Quid pro quo, Management Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: September 16, 2012
Practice Quiz – Not for Credit
MG 645 Managing Human Resources

PART 1. Circle the correct answer.

1. According to the HRM function, the only important objective of their profession must be to make employees more satisfied.  TRUEFALSE

2. Typically, the strategic challenges facing the HRM function are of less consequence to the organization’s success than those being faced by the organization’s other staff departments.

3. An organization whose strategy primarily focuses on cost efficiency/leadership, normally tries to select employees who are innovative/creative, risk-embracing and not have narrowly-defined jobs across the organization.


4. According to the courts, employers must "reasonably accommodate" a person's religious obligations unless to do so would cause an "undue hardship."  TRUEFALSE

5. Quid pro quo harassment occurs when some kind of benefit or punishment or reward is made contingent upon the employee submitting to sexual advances.  TRUEFALSE

6. An effective HRM strategy for an organization stresses the application of universal best HR practices instead of those that are a “best-fit” to the specific business strategy.  TRUEFALSE

7. Research indicates that downsizing has been largely successful in achieving long term goals of increased productivity and profitability.  TRUEFALSE

8. If a condition of employment or HRM practice has an adverse or disparate impact on a group protected by one of the EEO laws, it must be eliminated. TRUEFALSE

9. To achieve sustained competitive advantage, an organization’s HRM function needs to first of all: A. Design HRM strategies to imitate other successful firms B. Serve the needs of its line managers

C. Take more courses on saving labor costs
D. Focus primarily on diversity management
E. Control payroll costs
F. None of the above...
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