Managing and Forecasting

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1.1 Describe management in manufacturing
1.1.1 Define the term of management
1.1.2 Describe the basic functions of management
a. Planning
b. Organizing
c. Staffing
d. Directing
e. Controlling


1.2 Explain organization and planning
1.2.1 Define the basic principle of an organization and terms of organization a. Authority
b. Duties
c. Responsibility
d. Accountability
1.2.2 Explain the product oriented organization and functional oriented Organization
1.2.3 Explain the planning horizon for an organization: long, medium, and short term planning


1.3 Explain Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC)
1.3.1 Describe the importance of manufacturing planning and control (MPC) 1.3.2 Explain five major levels in manufacturing planning and control system a. Strategic business plan
b. Production plan
c. Master Production Schedule (MPS)
d. Material Requirements Plan (MRP)
e. Purchasing and Production Activity Control


1.4 Understand forecasting
1.4.1 Explain methods of forecasting
a. Moving Average Forecasting
b. Weighted Moving Average Forecasting
c. Exponential Smoothing Forecasting
1.4.2 Solve typical problems using above approaches 1.4.3 Determine the forecast errors using
a. Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)
b. Mean Squared Error (MSE)
c. Mean Absolute Percent Error (MAPE)

Management in all business and organizational
activities is the act of getting people together to
accomplish desired goals and objectives using
available resources efficiently and effectively.
Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing,
leading or directing, and controlling an organization
(a group of one or more people or entities) or effort
for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.
Resourcing encompasses the deployment and
manipulation of human resources, financial resources,
technological resources and natural resources.

Since organizations can be viewed as
systems, management can also be defined as
human action, including design, to facilitate
the production of useful outcomes from a
Management operates through various
functions, often classified as planning,
organizing, staffing, leading/directing,
controlling/monitoring and motivation.

refers to the function of setting goals for satisfying customer needs with product or service that meet their tastes.
the deployment of a mission and goals by taking the company's internal strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats from external environment into account
this planning named as strategic planning
the next been created is practical planning that involves the strategy formation and implementation to achieve the planned goals
An operation manager should be wise in right planning and
operational control with consider the changes and innovations that will help to achieve the company goals or constraints that could slow or block the company's goals

Is a management function that focuses on
the distribution of resources either human, material,
financial, or information so that the planning can be
implemented properly
Involving a manager identifying involved production
process , collecting process to
the specific units from the basis of the structure
of a company
Involving human
resources, which match workers with the tasks
required in each unit

A term that refers to the management of employee
For many retail businesses, staffing is monitored
hourly because the cost of employee paychecks is a
significant cost driver for the organization.
For example, if you own a store and "staff" or
schedule five employees to work between the hours
of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at $10 per hour, you would be
spending $500 on payroll. If the store sells $300 of...
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