Managerial Economics

Topics: Management, Project management, Business Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: January 27, 2014
IIBM Institute of Business Management
Name :- Nitish kumar nishu
Registration no:-P13/09/DL7111.
Semester :- 1st
(( Question Sheet of Managerial Economics Paper))
Subject Code - B-106
Section (B)
Case lets 1
Q:-1 Plot the demand schedule and draw the demand curve for the data given for marijuana in the case above. Q:- 2 on the basis of the analysis of the case above , what is ur opinion about legalizing marijuana in Canada ? Case lets 2

Q:-1 Find out the characteristic of national stock exchange. (Question Sheet of Financial Management Paper)
Subject Code - B-103
Case lets 1
Q:-1 Prepare your recommendation on Agrawal cast company..
Case lets 2
Q:-2 Suggestion regarding credit limit. Should it be approved or not, what should be the amount of credit limit that electronics give to booth plastic. (Question Sheet of Human Resource Management Paper)

Subject Code - B-102
Case lets 1
Q:- 2 Why did Mr. sashidhar’s resignation surprise the genral manager ?

((Question Sheet of Marketing Management Paper))
Subject Code - B-104
Case lets 2
Q:-1 Considering the concept of product life cycle, Where would you put video games in their life cycle? Q:-2 Should video game companies continue to alter their products to include other functions such as email? ((Question Sheet of Project Management Paper))

Subject Code - C101
Case lets 1
Q:-1 what is the major problem in ground breaking projects ? Case lets 2
Q:-1 Do you think Acorn's solution was good ? why or why not ? Q:-2 What are the objective of the project alignment session program ?

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