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Topics: Management, Singapore Airlines, Airline Pages: 5 (1451 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Singapore Airlines has a history of more then 60 years. It started out as Malayan Airways which began operating scheduled flights between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in an Airspeed Consul plane in 1947. After 26 years, Malayan Airways was renamed MSA in 1963 and it split into two airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines. It is from this moment that Singapore Airlines commenced its independent operations. It began with 5 Boeing B707s and 5 Boeing B737s, now it has over 150 most advanced planes flying to 90 destinations over five continents. Singapore Airlines to date, ranked top 10 international air carriers in the world. It has won the “airline of the year” in the airline industry, rewarded by the Airline Transport World, in its 34th Annual Airline Industry Achievement Awards. How is it possible that Singapore Airlines is so successful in its industry and achieving competitive advantages above others? This has been achieved by the stringent selection of crew, crew resource development and employees. Singapore Airlines Group has more than 29,000 employees. This large workforce comprises a diverse mix of people who bring a range of skills, attributes and personalities to the workplace. Therefore, Singapore Airlines need a structure that enables people to work and deal with one another in a co-ordinated and co-operative way as they work towards the goals of the business. Singapore Airlines focus on the human resource side of the company and these human resource management strategies are put to play. They are extensive training and retraining, formation of successful service delivery teams, empowerment of the front line and staff motivation. All this are in line with the company’s goal of service excellence and cost effectiveness. Crew resource management is the main aspect of the company’s competitive edge. As airlines operate in a competitive environment, a key area of competition for them is the quality of customer service. Customer service helps to distinguish one airline from another, and to give one advantage over the other. In order to provide the type of service that customers want, Singapore Airlines needs to be flexible. The company thus gives empowerment to front line staff, this allows employees to make decisions that take into account of changing circumstances in a variety of environments. Therefore service recovery is being reached to its customers much quickly. The company has feedback system that helps their staff to listen to customers and to understand them better as well as feedbacks from staff. This information is collected and vet through by the customer service department to seek for any improvements needed to be made or any service procedures adjusted. It is mainly for this reason that Singapore Airlines gives considerable autonomy to each part of the organization. Decentralizing a business. There are many issues associated with decentralizing a business and this include maintaining lines of communication, whereby the structure must continue to provide information for employees so that even though they work for just one unit they know other parts of the company or departments are working to serve the customer. Staff motivation, the structure must provide job satisfaction and be capable of motivating all employees whatever their job is. Achieving goals, employees need to know the goals set for them. To ensure that staff will deliver service excellence, the company created reward systems which are the major contributor to motivation and reorganization. Motivating and rewarding proactive service staff is also the most effective method of retaining them (Heracleous,Wirtz,& Johnston, 2004) SIA has one of the youngest management teams, among all the main and well-managed airlines in the world, the average manager is in his late 30s. The feature of young and energetic team has enabled to react fast and determinedly in decision-making, in turn, quick decisions can be made, as well as action taken...
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