Management Philoshopies

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The management philosophies are all about the ideas towards effective management practices in achieving defined goals. There are six (6) common principles are recognised the most compliance to be adapted in an organisation. However, as part of group discussion, we have briefly defined the main compliance management principles accordance to selected case study described as:

Scientific Management Principles
The father of scientific management, Frederick Winslow Taylor introduced the principle of scientific management in 1880 in aim to analysed and synthesized workflows where it focused on economic, efficiency and especially labour productivity. In study of Taylor, industrial productivity was lower in performance mainly in concern due to unscientific design of work practise by management and closely monitoring the worker’s every movement so that it was impossible to go slow without detection. However, the scientific management creates the style where employees felt to be like bored working on daily routine and their social aspect of life was disregarded.

2.Behavioural Management Principles
As management reached in 20th century, there is highly concern in interaction and motivations of the individual within organisation. The behavioural theorist such as Elton Mayo, Abraham Maslow, and Douglas McGregor, believes that a better understanding of human behaviour at organisation in terms of motivation, conflicts resolving and group dynamic lead into high performance and productivity. In short, the theory of human needs had comprises of assumption that human needs are never completely satisfied, human behaviour is purposeful and motivated by need for satisfaction and needs can be classified according to a hierarchical structure of importance.

Administrative management principles
This management principle was developed by Fayol during early 20 century where it basically functioned with four basic principles which are unity of command, division of work, unity of direction and scalar chain. The administrative management function facilitates planning, coordinating, directing and controlling activities across all functional areas in organisations. As such, it can be seen as the nervous system of organisations, directing and coordinating all parts and ensuring that the whole body functions smoothly and efficiently.

In efforts to discuss further on management principles in reality, we have developed a comparison study in KLIA, Sydney Opera House and MARA project management. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is a symbol of national prides where it been developed in 1992 and officially opened in June 27, 1998. The findings of mentioned case study intend to provide insight on successful implementation on scientific, behavioural and administrative management principles.

Firstly, the KLIA project management adopt the scientific techniques to improve performance of project team by matching their capability, giving on high concern in terms of supervision, management, and monetary awards. In journey towards KLIA project success, the project management has practise a clear managerial context that brings whole project team in a page defining on project goals. The project management has blended the nature of scientific management principle by adopting several criteria as;

Development of science for each part of men’s job
This principle basically suggests that the work assigned during the project period of KLIA should be observed, analysed with respect to each and every elements.

Scientific Selection, Training & Development of Workers
Nevertheless, KLIA project management aware that by putting up a project management system and methodology will not necessary to lead the project performance where if the project management culture within the project organisation and team member level of management knowledge and practise is low and inadequate. Thus, there has scientifically designed procedure be adapted for the...
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