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CHAPTER 10: MANAGEMENT FROM ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE DEFINITION ♛ Management from Islamic perspective defined as, the ability to utilize resources both material and human, optimally in order to achieve goals, be it short term or long-term goals. ♛ It has been practiced since the era of our prophet, Muhammad s.a.w. It based on the teachings generated from the holy Al’-Quran and the As’-Sunnah. It sources that provided guidance in making decisions. ♛ The leadership under our prophet Muhammad s.a.w through the Islamic way of managing things had created a strong Islamic Muslim society with prominent characteristic such as: ✿ Team spirit that practice teamwork ✿ Strong and clear vision and mission ✿ Values for loving and caring ✿ Emphasis for trust and relationship, cooperation and teamwork ✿ The practice of consensus decision-making

FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT (ISLAMIC POINT OF VIEW) The Islamic way of doing or managing things can be seen to practice the elements or functions of management, that is: ☃ Planning / objectives / goals ☃ Organizing ☃ Leading (motivation) ☃ Controlling (execution)

PLANNING (SETTING OBJECTIVES)  According to Tan Sri Dr Mohammed Abdul Rauf in his book, management and administration (An Islamic Perspective), planning is needed to manage, especially in the fast moving, ever changing and complex environment we are living in to ensure success.

 Our prophet Mohammmed s.a.w in many incidents that he had gone through practiced planning. One of the prominent ones is seen in his carefully planned actions and moves to preach the faith of Islamic to the world.  He had two choices whether to do it publicly or to do it cautiously. He choose to do it secretly at first since the people of Mecca at that time especially the Quraisysh tribe did not hold the same values the Islamic faith was bringing that human equality, justice, and sympathy for the weak.  Therefore our prophet Mohammed s.a.w chose to preach Islamic secretly and quietly at first to his closest and trusted friends and families.  So, human beings according to Islam are created by ALLAH s.w.t to be the khalifah on the earth. This means our life and activities must be focused to fulfill to purpose. They are:  A long-term objective/ goal  A short-term objective/ goal A long-term objective  Is to be worthy servants of ALLAH s.w.t, avoiding sins and preparing us to be rewarded in paradise by performing good deeds and obeying the teaching demanded by the Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. A short-term objective  It is related to productivity, whether it is in services or products, academic achievement, financial profit or improvement in performance. Muslim is thought to balance both these objectives. One cannot be too obsessed to achieve the long-term goal and forget about the shortterm goal and the opposite holds true too.

ORGANIZING  It is the structure of projects as well undertaken by human efforts.  Means in Islam, organizing comprises structure (organization chart), utilization power and the practice of delegation centralization. as the structure of roles to be the structuring an organization of resources (human), authority, as well as decentralization and

LEADING/ MOTIVATION  Leadership refers to the process of moving people in a planned direction by motivating them.  Good leadership moves people in a direction that is in a direction that is in their long-term best interest.  Islam says that a leader should serve and help others get ahead. THE CHARACTERISTICS OF AN ISLAMIC LEADER: 1. He has allegiance to Allah (faithful) 2. He has global perceived goals of organization not only in term of individual or group interest but also from a wider Islamic perspective. 3. He adheres to the Syariah and the Islamic manner of doing things 4. He delegates trust. THE PRINCIPLES TO BE EFFECTIVE ISLAMIC LEADER:

1. SYURA (Mutual Consultant)
 This is the first principle. The Al-Quran has made clear that Muslim leaders are obligated to consult those with...
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