Management and Organisational Theories Can Be Used in Dissertation

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  • Published: April 16, 2013
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Some management and organisational theories you could possibly use in a dissertation (and in practise). There are a number of theories and a mass of contradictory information about how firms should improve investment in funds, improve quality of the product or the organisation, improve its marketing, how to align the quality system with strategic objectives set, how to motivate workers and managers. Successful firms deal with it from the contingency perspective: choosing the approach that makes sense in the current or expected situation in the near future, a pragmatic view with open eye to ethical considerations. One could state as null hypothesis Ho: management research does not provide ‘valid knowledge’ that supports solving management and organisation problems. Leading to the research hypothesis H1: management research does provide support in solving mgt and org problems. What ‘theory’ you could or should be used in your dissertation about applied management sciences depends on your knowledge about management theories, the ‘problem’ and the ‘research question’. It could relate to accounting systems, IT, marketing, strategy, decision making, project management, leadership, etc.

Management ‘problems’ are related to a ‘situation’. Normally chapter 1 provides a situation analysis to understand the various aspects of the problem (its magnitude, relevance for stakeholders, its importance, etc.). Problems may stem from a gap between a fact and a ‘wish’. These gap-problems are recognized by symptoms, changes in the level of some key monitor that measures achievement. The ‘wish’ is anything like a standard, a norm, an objective to be reached, by either a person or an organisation, and the problem is a gap between 1

what did happen and what should have happened: a failure to meet an objective . In those cases, you will look for theories that may underpin or help to improve current processes in the organisation. Chap 2 is looking for theories that reveal the causes for...
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