Management Accounting

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201 - Marketing Management.

1. Marketing Concepts – Marketing Concept, Marketing Process, Marketing Mix, Customer value, Customer Satisfaction and delight, Functions of Marketing

2. Marketing Planning- Analysis of Marketing opportunity, Product Market Selection, Process of Marketing Planning and Contents of Marketing Plan

3. Sales Forecasting Concept and methods, Introduction to Marketing Research-Process- Scope, Obstacles in acceptance.

4. Consumer Behaviour- Factors influencing consumer behaviour- Consumer decision making process- Industrial Buyer behaviour Vs. Domestic Buyer behaviour.

5. Dealing with competition- Identification and Analysis of Competitors.

6. Market segmentation- Bases for market segmentation of consumer goods, industrial goods and services- Market Targeting and positioning strategies.

7. Market Evaluation and Controls- Process, types of control techniques- Marketing Audit- Marketing Ethics, internet Marketing, e commerce.
Books Recommended

1. Marketing Management- Philip Kotler, Pearson Education 2. Marketing Management- Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller, Pearson Education 3. Fundamentals of Marketing-Stanton.
4. Marketing Management – Rajan Saxena, Tata McGraw Hill 5. Marketing Management- S. Ramaswamy and S. Namakumari, McMillan India 6. Marketing Management- Arun Kumar and N Meenaxi, Vikas Publishing 7. Marketing Concepts and Cases Michael J. Etzel, Bruce J. Walker, William J. Stanton, Ajay Pandit. 8. Principles of Marketing - Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, Pearson 9. Marketing Models- Lilien & Kotler & Moorthy, Prentice Hall 10. Marketing Management, B.V.Sangvikar, S.V.Kadavekar, Ravindra Deshmukh, C.M.Joshi,Biyani, Diamond 11. Marketing Management – TK Panda, Excel Books

12. Case Studies in Marketing – Indian context- R. Srinivas. 13. Case study solutions- H. Kaushal
14. Marketing Management – Czinkota, (Thomson)
15. Basic marketing- William D. Perreault Jr.
16. Marketing - Chunawalla


1. Finance function –Broad areas under finance- Scope and Significance - Role of a finance executive –Implications of Various Forms of Business Organizations.

2. Financial system – Meaning and significance, Players in the financial system and their role. 3. Financial Statements of corporate organizations – Introduction to Schedule VI provisions of Companies Act, 1956.

4. Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements using the techniques of Ratio Analysis and Funds Flow Analysis and Cash flow Analysis.

5. Working Capital Management - Nature of working capital - Need for working capital – Operating cycle, Estimation of working capital requirement - Financing working capital requirement - Commercial Papers - Management of Cash and Receivables - Factoring

6. Capitalization - Under Capitalization and Over Capitalization - Raising the Long Term and Medium Term funds - Own Vs. Borrowed Funds - Public Deposits - Leasing and Hire Purchase, Venture capital - Computation of Cost of Capital - Trading on Equity - Leverages – type & significance.

7. Capital Budgeting - Nature and Significance - Time Value of Money - Discounting and Compounding - Methods for evaluating capital expenditure proposals (all important methods including IRR)

A) Management of Profits - Dividend Policy - Procedural and Legal formalities involved in the payment of dividend - Bonus Shares B) Dividend Distribution Theories: -
Theories of dividend
* Gordon growth model
* Walters valuation model
* MM – Irrelevancy theory 

Note - Problems should be covered on the following topics -

a. Simple problems on Ratio Analysis - Calculation of Ratios and analysis of Financial Statements on the basis of Ratio Analysis. b. Simple problems on Funds Flow Analysis and Cash Flow...
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