Malaysian Graduates: Buying Cars More than Houses

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Most of the graduates in Malaysia are prone to purchase a car for himself or herself instead of buying a house. Many of them would think for a car than any other item. Therefore, owning a car has become the first priority for many young people in Malaysia. Owning a car definitely gives graduates a lot of convenient especially when public transport are limit. The following pages will discuss about it is necessary graduates to own a car after complete the study in Malaysia.

Pros and cons of graduates buying their own car

What makes graduates choice to purchase a vehicle which will depreciate in value over the year instead of buying a house which has the possibility of gaining capital appreciation over time? From the different mindset of youngster nowadays, they think owning a car for them is more convenient for their transportation and one of thing that is they do not want to miss class or work that should be enter on times. Furthermore, waiting for public transportation in a queue to board a bus or train that may not arrive on time and will become a hassle to many who waiting for their daily transportation; therefore to move around in the most convenient way, Malaysians have choice to acquire their own vehicle as their first asset. Moreover, reasons that graduate’s make a decision on buying their own car is the macro environment of the country and in particular of our public transportation are not good enough that compare with other country. Unfortunately, although our current public transportation system has improved but it has not reaches the level of that of a developed country. However, safety environment will also cause graduates to make this decision. Malaysians will think that own personal car will be more safety and avoid from snatching or harassment in the public transportation especially in a busy time. Graduates buying their own car will also come across a few barriers and has it disadvantages. First, they have not enough budgets...
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