Makerbot Analysis

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MakerBot is a Brooklyn, New York-based company founded in January 2009 producing 3D printers. MakerBot(MB) builds on the early progress of the RepRap Project with the goal of bringing desktop 3D printing into the home at an affordable price. The company started shipping kits in April 2009 and has sold approximately 3,500 units as of March 2011. Demand for the kits was so great in 2009 that the company solicited MakerBot owners to provide parts for future MakerBots from their own MakerBots. The seed funding was $75000. In August 2011, venture capital firm The Foundry Group invested $10 million in the company and joined its board.

Competitive Analysis
| Revenues| Market Share| R&D| Strategic Partnerships and advantages| Focal firm: MakerBot| ~8 million| 18-22% (consumer market)| Replicator 2, Thingvese website| Most patents have expired, focus on ecosystem (thingverse - 3700+ designs, open source freee to use. Ford/GE garage events, printers on designers tables. MB store (retail) and philanthropy efforts. New OUYA partnership. Autodesk partnership.| 3D systems NYSE DDD| 345-360 million expected 2013 revenuesMarket cap 2.97B| 22% (consumer market)| CubeX printer (award winner)| Cubify 935 designs, fee based. Acquired Geomagic 2/13 (authoring tools)| Stratus (privately held)| 430-450 million expected in 2013Market cap about $3 billion | not very focused on consumer market| | | ExOne| Revenues 48-52 millionMarket cap 428 million| Not in consumer market, very niche focusing on very large/industrial printing| | | Formlabs| Price point will be 2300 (slightly higher than MB, unsure of quality difference)| | Form1 (pre-order)| Spin off from MIT, big big named backers. no product in the market yet| From the above table, we can see that the revenue of MakerBot is up to 8 million with its market share 18%-25%. 25% of the share is estimated share from their own job listings page, it could be the consumer market. On the other hand, 3D Systems NYSEDDD has its revenue of 345-360 million with its market share 22%. The company is an awarded winner company. Another competitor like Stratus which is privately held, has its revenue of 430-450 million expected in 2013 and it does not focus more on the consumer market.

Generic Competitive PositionsCost Leadership
Focused low cost
Source of competitive advantage
Competitive Scope within industry

Strategic Maps

layer of thickness (quality)

= colors, materials/extra options

Diversification Matrix for MakerBot
Build - Makerbot is moving fast into the market with new products while the larger players had been paused looking at the DIY consumer market (that has changed) Harvest
Business Unit competitive advantage
Industry attractiveness

Competitors Positions
Competitor Response Profile

Environmental Analysis

Demographic Trends| Socio-Cultural Influences|
* The DIY maker movement is powering the consumer 3D printing market, but industrials are already using these technologies in many ways| * DIY/maker culture impacting the rest of society * The ability to create new and unique "crafts" items already a success via etsy could be happening here as well (diy)| Macroeconomic Impacts| Political-legal pressures|

* 3D printing has been hailed as the next great manufacturing opportunity - Obama called it out in a recent speech| * How do you copyright 3D models? * trademark characters, items and more will become hard to enforce (ie knock off market for trademarked items) will attract powerful companies and the attention of lobby groups * the idea of gun/weapon printing will require some legislation (US and beyond)| Technological developments| Global Trade issues|

* This technology is just now viable - in the next few years it will become incredibly robust *...
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