Topics: Marketing, Sales, Complaint Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: February 11, 2013
According to our chosen case study, Maelstrom is a franchised telecommunications company, which belongs to a nationwide network of communications, and is selling products such as: intercom, paging, sound and other telephone systems. The main competitor of Maelstrom Co. is Bell System communications. Actually, the philosophy of the company was to attract most of its customers based on the fact that maintenance service and equipment installation are offered with every single purchase. However, that philosophy tend to collapse as the “service” that is offered is not delivered effectively to the customers and also there are done a lot of mistakes during the whole procedure, as there are mentioned below. The main issue of Maelstrom Communications is that the president, Al Whitefield, is more interested in the sales department and he spends most of his time with sales and marketing personnel due to fact that he has a strong sales background. On the other hand, the vice president, Lawrence Henderson seems to be more focused on the service department as he is responsible for the entire service department. As a result, every single mistake that is done by the service department make customers constantly direct their complaints towards the sales personnel, except from a few cases that customers asked to complain directly to the service department. All these misunderstanding and chaos that is viewed in Maelstrom Communication, occur as there is lack of communication in the organization as the two departments do not give feedback to each other and that definitely leads to conflict between the two departments and between the owner and vice president, too.
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