Lp Formulation Quiz

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QUIZ LP Formulation

1. ACME Co. is a manufacturer of X’s which they sell to OR/MS teachers to be used as variables. For this week they intend to manufacture two types of X’s, namely, X1’s & X2’s. The profit contribution for each unit of X1 & X2 are $4 and $5, respectively. Mr. Loony, the manager of ACME, found out that his available supply of raw material 1 (RM1) and raw material 2 (RM2) are 18 units and 24, respectively. Each unit of X1 will require 3 units of RM1 and 3 units of RM2 while each unit of X2 will require 2 units of RM1 and 4 units of RM2. Weekly demand for X1 is about 5 units while that for X2 is about 7 units. Plant capacity of ACME Co. is 6 for X1 and 5 for X2. Formulate an LP model (objective function & constraints) than can be employed to solve for the optimal product mix.

|Min. or Max. |X1 |X2 | |RHS | |Objective Function | | | | | |Raw Material 2 | | | | | |Demand for X1 | | | | | |Demand for X2 | | | | | |Capacity for X1 | | | | | |Capacity for X2 | | | | |

2. Konstruct Inc. has two (2) cement batching plants that need to deliver to three (3) job sites. The capacities the said plants & requirements of the said projects together with the cost of delivering each cubic meter of cement are presented below. Formulate an LP model that would minimize the cost of transporting cement...
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