Loyalty Programmers in India

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Reaction player on “the loyalty royalty” by Tista Sengupta: Like every artist needs his muse and in grander scale of retail schemes the muse is hooked on forever by the royalty programmes. Since 1994 Indian consumers just haven’t been hooked patrons of these brands offering loyalty programmes but have been tracked by these brands for their perception, disposition, extract customers’ latent needs and purchase decisions. Loyalty programme marketing strategy would also fall under point of purchase advertisement. Quoting the author –“the premise of loyalty programmes is that repeat customers will drive sales growth.” the author goes on to say that the cost of retaining a costumer is way less than acquiring a new one. But I as a consumer hold as many as seven loyalty programme cards and know other consumers who hold more than ten of these and we all find it pestering to be continuously being bombarded with mails and posts. because I think if a consumer is a continues shopper of all the twenty brands he or she hardly will ever garner redeemable points . In my personal experience after shopping at various brands of the lifestyle group for three years almost goods worth Rs 6000 /- per annum approx , I happened to collect a discount point of Rs 350/- . Well on the other hand this scheme has been a golden charm for the retailers to know the what, where, when and how much of the potential customers and use this insight to drive desired behaviour. How potential costumer? - By offering memberships to only those who have shopped above a particular denomination. This helps them make more specific retail plans and decide store locations. I think according to the categories made by “fiber2fashion” only the 16% the fashion forward costumer’s benefit from the loyalty scheme even though they take longer to track as they would rarely overshot from a particular store and am largely picky. Hence they don’t become members from the first time they shop from a store. Also now the...
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