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Lord of the Flies-Discussion Questions Chapters 5 & 6
1. Discuss how Ralph has changed since he called the first meeting.
“I’m chief. I’ll go. Don’t argue.” (Golding 117)
Ralph has shown change since the first called meeting by he taking his role of chief seriously because the boys blew the only chance they had for a rescued. So he calls for an assembly “not for making jokes or for cleverness.”(Golding 86), but “to put things straight” (Golding 86) with the boys. Ralph also did not want the meeting to “be fun, but business.” (Golding 83). In the end, Ralph becomes protective over the boys when there are reports of a wild beast roaming around the island. He wants to have “a real hunt” (Golding 112). He also takes risks to ensure their security when they were going to hunt the beast in the caves by telling them “I’m chief. I’ll go. Don’t argue.” (Golding 117) demonstrating his firm leadership skills that were not present in the beginning. 2. What has Ralph seen that has caused a loss of innocence?

Ralph sees the little boy, Percival Wemys Madison, when “the littluns pushed Percival forward, then left him by himself.” (Golding 95). Percival reminded Ralph of the little boy with “the mulberry-colored birthmark” (Golding 95) who died in the fire. He tried to make the memory go away and “pushed the thought down and out of sight” (Golding 95). Ralph felt guilty of “insuring that all of them were accounted for,” (Golding 95) and “partly because Ralph knew the answer to at least one question Piggy has asked on the mountaintop.”, so he gave the Percival a chance to speak for himself. Ralph lost his innocence because he knew he was solely responsible for the death of the unknown little boy with the mulberry-colored birthmark. 3. Fear is affecting all of the boys. In what way is the boys’ fear rational? In what way is it irrational?

“We’re frightened sometimes but we put up with being frightened.” (Golding 90)
The boy’s fear is rational because everyone is...
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